Unlocking the Secrets of Putting Mastery: An In-Depth Exploration of Brad Faxon’s Techniques


Exquisite putting encapsulates the pinnacle of professional golf, and when it comes to the artistry behind precision putting, Brad Faxon stands as a towering figure. Being anchored not simply in talent alone, Faxon has continuously attributed his putting prowess to sound techniques, diligent practices, and a unique psychological approach.

Section 1: The Classic Brad Faxon Putting Technique

It’s impossible to separate Brad Faxon’s putting achievements from his well-structured, methodical putting technique. Faxon, a proponent of the "See It, Feel It, Trust It" philosophy, integrates a masterful blend of mechanics and mind.

His setup is stark in its simplicity yet potent in effectiveness. Noticeably, Faxon’s predominant forward press – slightly de-lofting the putter – initiates a smooth, pendulum-like stroke. It helps to create the mild arc putter head path that he is known for, emulating more of the natural motion that allows for incredibly precise distance control.

Concluding his smooth yet effective swing, Faxon employs a subtle follow-through maintaining admirable club-face control throughout. This polished routine, combined with Faxon’s innate feel for the greens, leads to a consistency few can boast of.

Section 2: The Significant Role of Practicing with Purpose

Brad Faxon underscores the importance of practice with intent. His daily warm-up consists of two essential putting routines – ‘Circle Drill’ and ‘Leap Frog’. The former focuses on sinking short putts while the latter enhances distance control. These routines aim to build muscle memory, vital for maintaining precision under pressure.

His emphasis on the ‘game-like’ practice mode is a noteworthy contributor to his success. His affinity to replicate competition-like situations during practice prepares him not only physically but also mentally.

Section 3: The Mental Game: Visualization and Confidence

The mental aspect of putting, according to Faxon, is just as crucial as the physical technique. His see it aspect promotes the power of visualizing the putts. Faxon often advises picturing the ball’s path towards the hole even before executing the shot.

His feel it facet relates to an individual’s unique connection to the shot, opening the doors to intuitive play. Following this with steadfast faith in one’s ability, Faxon fosters trust in his unique putting philosophy.

Section 4: Brad Faxon’s Influence on Modern Putting Techniques

Today, it’s evident that Brad Faxon’s strategies have wielded considerable influence. The quantitative analytics that govern modern training methodologies trace their roots back to Faxon’s emphasis on structured, deliberate practice.

Moreover, his approach to mental resilience and preparedness has been integrated into the fabric of golf psychology. The "See It, Feel It, Trust It" mantra is echoed by many up-and-coming players, a testament to the impact of Faxon’s contributions.


Brad Faxon, with his meticulously crafted techniques, penchant for focused practice, and rigorous mental conditioning, remains a towering figure in putting instruction. His legacy provides invaluable insights to both professionals and aspirants alike. Studying these details can significantly enhance one’s skills, unveiling the nuanced artistry behind this pivotal aspect of golf.

While emulating Faxon’s technique is no guarantee for instant success, understanding and incorporating the core principles of his approach can forge a solid path towards becoming a proficient putter. The journey to golfing excellence remains a destination accomplished by constant and tenacious practice.

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