Mastering the Dave Stockton Putting Technique: A Comprehensive Guide


Putting is a crucial aspect of golf that even seasoned players often struggle with. It thus makes sense to invest considerable time and energy in mastering this finesse aspect. Among numerous golfers, the name Dave Stockton stands out due to his exceptional putting technique and performance. This article offers a comprehensive guide to perfecting the Dave Stockton Putting Technique.

Understanding the Dave Stockton Putting Technique

Firstly, it’s pivotal to grasp the central principles behind the Dave Stockton Putting Technique. characterized by its simplicity and stress on feel rather than mechanics, the technique bears foundations on two pillars: visual perception and trust in the natural swing.

Step by Step Guide to the Dave Stockton Putting Technique

1. Proper grip: Dave recommends a light grip, akin to holding a baby bird. Align the lifelines of both palms with the golf club grip, positioning your thumb pads on top of the grip. This promotes an arm-based swing.

2. Alignment: Line up your shoulders, hips, and feet so that they’re square to your target. To maintain consistency, practice this process frequently to perfect alignment.

3. No forward press: Dave’s technique is eschews the convention of forward pressing. The golf club should rest behind the golf ball. The intention is to move the putter straight away from the ball employing the leading hand, noting that the wrist doesn’t pivot.

The Stockton Mindset

Dave Stockton’s putting is not merely about the physical aspect. It also significantly involves the golfer’s mindset. As per Stockton, it’s vital to trust one’s own instincts and perceptions.

Key Elements of the Stockton Putting Strategy

1. Focusing on the Target: One fundamental principle Dave firmly believes in, is visualizing the intended path. He emphasizes that concentrating on the line of the putt helps forge a natural link between one’s eyes and hands, paving the way for instinctive putting.

2. Negligence of the Putting Stroke: Stockton underlines that golfers shouldn’t stress over the stroke. Instead, they should focus more on the line and speed of the putt. A perfectly engineered stroke is not required; rather, trust in one’s instinctive stroke and feel for the putt.

Perfecting the Dave Stockton Putting Technique—Practice Routines

To master this technique, constant practice is necessary. Here are some exercises to help:

1. Putt, Don’t Think: The aim here is to condense the time between aligning the putt and executing it, preventing your mind from interrupting with additional thoughts.

2. Gate Drill: Place two tees in the ground, providing just sufficient space for the putter head to pass in between. This will ascertain that your putter heads straight, not swaying off-line.

3. Line Practice: Draw a straight line on the golf ball and position it towards your target. This helps in improving alignment and concentration.

4. Distance Control Drills: Choose four varying distances and aim for each. This assists in controlling distance, crucial for long putts.


The Dave Stockton Putting Technique is rooted in simplicity and encourages reliance on instinctive feel. By adhering to the principles of visual alignment, a balanced grip, and an uncomplicated stroke, you can master this effective putting method and see considerable improvements in your playing ability.

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