Unveiling the Secrets of the Chipper Golf Club: A Comprehensive Guideline

Our thirst for understanding the nooks and crannies of golf, in its entirety, has brought us into a profound illumination about one of the least commemorated weapons in the golf arena — the Chipper golf club.


The Chipper golf club, typically overshadowed by the fame of its siblings in the golf bag, plays an undeniable silent yet significant role. It carries the capacity to be the game changer, a bridge between the chaos of the rough and the safety of the green.

Underappreciation of the Chipper Club

The negative perception revolving around the chipper club is unwarranted. The notion that it is an unnecessary encumbrance within the golf bag doesn’t hold any water, especially considering how it can remodel a golfer’s strategy entirely.

Understanding the Chipper Golf Club

To fully comprehend the nuances of the chipper, it is essential to delve into the minute details that make up this magnificent piece.
A chipper golf club features a loft similar to a 7, 8 or 9 iron, blending properties between a putter and wedge. This club’s unique trait of a lower flatter swing is a lifesaver in the thick grass or from the fringe around the green.

Selecting the Perfect Chipper

Choosing your perfect chipper can often be an arduous task, primarily due to the plethora of options available. Factors like design materials, handle length, weight, face angle, and loft come into play.

Design Material: Performance Meets Durability

Lightweight yet durable, the stainless steel chippers are the most favoured. However, titanium chippers are gaining popularity for their lightness which aids comfortable swings.

Handle length and weight: Balance Counts

The handle length significantly influences the accuracy and swing speed. A shorter handle would give better control, and a longer one would impart more power. It’s all about finding the right balance. Weight distribution decides the club’s momentum and takes a pivotal role in control and shot precision.

Loft: A Crucial Determinant

As for the loft, anything between 30° to 37° works wonders in striking the ball to cover the desired distance.

The Magic Chipper Shots

What truly distinguishes the chipper is its unique set of shots. The bump and run shot can prove lethal, especially when precariously positioned a few feet from the green. This signature shot that the chipper pulls off, involves shooting the ball into the air, to land smoothly a few meters before the cup.

The Art of Grip and Swing

For effective tee shots, using the same grip and swing as a putter is beneficial. Keeping your hands relaxed to ease the club’s movement and pushing it slightly forward to obtain the perfect angle, compounds the impact of the stroke.

The Power Play Short Game

The chipper golf club adds an extra edge to the short game. It effortlessly chips the ball over the other obstructing balls, remaining strategically sound. It works wonderfully when the rough seems punishing or the sand appears relentless.

Essential Short Game Tactics

  1. Choose a chipper that increases your comfort level and stability.
  2. The shot’s direction should be aimed with the clubface, and not the swing path.
  3. Practice chipping with a forward shaft lean.


While the chipper golf club perches in the corner of the golf bag under a shroud of unfounded controversy, it has the potential to be the dark horse. From trivializing obsessive club choices to disincentivizing aggressive play, the chipper golf club shifts the paradigm effortlessly, making it a potent arsenal for every golfer.

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