#WeekendCoffeeShare – A Day In


It’s not often I get a day in.  A day to relax, write, play the ole guitar, and let my introvert flag fly high.  Inside… where no one can see it.

Today has been that day.  It was nasty this morning, so I got a decent workout in, took the trash off, put on a pot of coffee, and settled in.  Oh, coffee.  That was rude of me.  There’s a pot there in the kitchen, freshly brewed and ready to drink.  If coffee’s not your thing, there’s tea, water, or milk.  Help yourself!

Now that we’ve got  Thanksgiving behind us, I guess it’s time to look forward to Christmas.  Christmas already!  It’s hard to believe.  There is a local radio station that has been playing Christmas music for weeks now, and I just don’t understand it.  That should be saved to at least the week before, but I suppose there’s a market for it.  I don’t get it, but anyway. Continue reading “#WeekendCoffeeShare – A Day In”

#FridayFictioneers – Thanksgiving 2018

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Jeremiah took the package and walked a little distance to the river’s edge, hopped from rock to rock and settled down where the rushing water could rumble around him.

Warm sun forced the long tan coat he wore off, so he folded it neatly and laid it beside him, clear of the water insuring it would be dry for the night’s cold.  It was a good coat, showing a few holes from years of wear, but it would be good for years yet.

Settled, he looked to the sky, mumbled a few words of thanks, and unwrapped the turkey sandwich.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Writing More, Running Less


If  we were having coffee, we’d be at Starbucks.  That’s right, it’s a coffee share on location!  I’ve already secured a large, (they call that venti here, but if you say large, like I do, they understand) black coffee, and I can wait while you saunter up to the counter and gather in your heart’s desire.

Now that we’re all settled in, let’s talk. Continue reading “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Writing More, Running Less”

#weekendcoffeeshare – Post Thanksgiving

If we were having coffee, you’d probably tell me that it’s late and that I should probably be getting to bed soon.  To that, I would reply with an audible sigh and a shrug of my shoulders before saying, “yes, I know.”

So, I’m having instant again tonight.  It was almost hot cocoa, but coffee won out.  I can get you either if you would like or maybe you would like something colder.  Pretty sure there’s some ginger ale in the fridge.

You see, the fact that I should be in bed doesn’t bother me too much.  Not right now anyway.  Tomorrow morning, that may change.  That’s when I’ve got to go back to work.  My first day back since Tuesday after taking off for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving was a mixed bag, but aren’t all holidays.  All of them that require time spent with large groups of people, be they family or not.  Being around that many people can be taxing on a little ole introvert like me, but we all managed to get through the day without killing one another.  We’ll get to try again next year though, and it’ll be here before you know it.

Being off of work was the best though.  We spent some time at the beach after Thanksgiving, where I was able to wake up and run in the sand with the waves just right there, crashing at my feet.  That won’t happen again for a while.  I swear, if I lived on the beach, I’d be out there running almost everyday.  At least until I’m too old to do it.  I know that day’s coming, but I’m gonna fight it every step of the way.  What else can I do?

With December just a day or two away, we’ll have to start gearing up for Christmas.  Another of those holidays that tries all of our introvert nerves out there.  We can persevere though.  I know that we can make it through.  Stay strong my introverted friends.  There are quiet days ahead.