#weekendcoffeeshare 4-17-16

It’s Sunday and unfortunately, the weekend is slipping away, but fear not fine reader, there is another just five short days away.  And, it’s time for the weekend coffee share.  Let’s talk!

If we were having coffee, tonight I would be having a fine brew called Newman’s Own Organic, medium roast.  It is, so far, my favorite that Keurig has to offer.  That probably says something about me, but I’ll not be psychoanalyzing myself tonight.  I’ll leave that to you.  So please help yourself to whatever you find in the K-cup drawer and kick back for a bit.

Yesterday was a full day, and it for once in a long while didn’t involve work.  That’s right, I finally got a day off and took full advantage of it.  It started perfectly with some well deserved extra sleep.  Once up, it was time to get busy.  My daughter and I got outside and mounted dirt bikes for a fun weekend activity.  It’s been weeks since I rode, and it was so much fun to get back on it.

Then we cooked a healthy dinner and watched some tv.  First the Supercross race, then the UFC on Fox.  A great night indeed.  Unfortunately, all good things must end, and it did.  This fine Sunday morning, I found myself back and work and in a foul mood to boot.  You know, one of those moods where you don’t even want to be on the planet.  That was me.  Not until that little two mile trail run after work, did I feel right again.  Funny how that is.

Anyway, I hope you guys are doing good out there.  Try not to work too much this week.  Heck, you may as well rest up for the weekend that’s coming!

Thanks for reading, and God Bless!

#weekendcoffeeshare 1-9-16

If we were having coffee, I’d be drinking Folgers Colombian coffee.  It’s a medium dark roast and it’s pretty good. Not Starbucks good, but way more economical.  If that’s not your thing, that’s okay.  I’m sure we have some green tea around here somewhere.  We could put some water on for you real quick if you’d like.  While we sip, we can wait on the Supercross race to start.

That’s right.  It’s Supercross season once again, so I’m trying to stay up to watch it.  This time of year is about the only time I wish I lived out on the other coast.  The race starts at 7 o’clock over there, making that start time 10 o’clock for all of us over on the east coast.  That’s a late night, putting the end of the race at one.  If we weren’t racing ourselves tomorrow, that would be less of a big deal, but oh well.  It is what it is, I guess.  Good thing we’ve got that coffee, huh?

One more thing before I go.  The #weekendcoffeeshare has turned into one of my favorite blogging topics over the past several months.  I started doing it after moving over to WordPress, and it’s been great and all, but that may be coming to an end.  Here at least.  After some thought, I might be going back over to Blogger.  It’s just the money really.  WordPress cost and Blogger, not so much.  I’ve not decided one hundred percent yet, but I’m leaning that way.  So, if this is it, thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings.  I’ll still be around though, so don’t worry about that.

So, you guys have a great weekend!  I’ll see you around!