#ShortTuesday – Kerfuffle

Johnny sat in a bare gray cubicle, hunched over a dull black keyboard, fingers whipping the keys filling in one form after another.  It was a bore, but it was a bore that he was good at.  Most of the time.  But most of the time, the office was quiet.  He could think in the quiet.  The office was not quiet today.

He cursed under his breath at yet another mistake, backspaced to fix the error, and moved on to the next blank where an i appeared in the space that should have had an o.   Continue reading “#ShortTuesday – Kerfuffle”

The Hard Part: Getting Past the Outline

Handwritten notes
Pages and pages of notes that need to turned into a book.

Outlines, I think are good things.  We can probably agree on that, though some of us don’t do real good with them.  I know that I don’t always like them, often preferring to free write most, if not all, of the way through a story.

This approach is fine for short works, but things can get a bit confusing and frustrating for me when I’m working on longer pieces.  That’s why, I’m trying to split the difference by freewriting a bunch of ideas into a loose, sort-of outline.

I’ve spent the better part of the last month scribbling away on a new story.  From the notes that have been compiled, I’m sure this will be a novel length endeavor, and I’m pretty excited about it.

What I now have is pages and pages of handwritten notes of all the chapters that need to be fleshed out.  It’s not an outline in the traditional sense, but maybe it’ll work.  The ideas are down,  but they need to have some life breathed into them.  That’s the hard part.

So, I’ll get to work on that, turning rough ideas into hopefully smooth sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and finally a readable book.  It looks to be a long process, but I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

What do you think about outlines?  Are they absolutely necessary, nice to have, or not needed at all?  Let me know what you think in the comments below and stop back by soon!

#weekendcoffeeshare 10-04-2015

IMG_20151004_164802378[1]If we were having coffee, I’d offer you a cup of this wonderful Starbucks Mount Ramelau single origin coffee that I’m having for the first time tonight.  It really is quite good.  Not a coffee drinker?  That’s okay because I just so happen to have some tea, green, and I can heat some water and get that to steeping.

While we wait, I’d tell you all about this crazy weather we’re having.  It seems that we have almost a monopoly on rain this weekend.  It’s been crazy.  All of the schools are closed tomorrow as a result, and the highways have

It has rained a lot!
It has rained a lot!

been very damaged over the past couple of days.  Some have completely washed out.  Getting to work in the morning should be fun.  I’ll leave a bit early just in case I’ve got to find some alternate routes, but the plan of going to work on Monday morning stays the same.  Get up, get on the road, and get there.

Speaking of work, this is the first full weekend I’ve had in some time that we haven’t been traveling and it has rained the whole time.  Fun, I know, but honestly, it’s wasn’t that bad.  A time to sit around and relax a bit is just what I needed though.  It has been, for the most part and for the lack of a better word, relaxing.  It’s almost over now though.  Tomorrow, it’s back to work.

All that relaxing wasn’t done just in the house though.  Friday night, we made it out to the movies to see The Martian.  I won’t bother you with a full review, but if you read the book, I can tell you that while the movie is good, it is not as good as the book.  They never are though, are they?

By the time we get to our second cup, I could tell you how bad my Gamecocks are sucking this year.  It’s pretty sad, but I’m no fair weather fan and I’ll still be watching the next time they play.  Even though, it’ll probably be another loss.  You could console me by telling me that, “There’s always next year,” at which I would just nod and smile.  You see, I’ve heard that before.

Finally, if I was really comfortable around you, I would tell you that I’m still writing, everyday now for 924 days.  Really, I should be better by now.  I’m sure you agree.

I’d tell you about the zombie book I’ve been working on.  It’s still in the early plotting stages, but so far, I’m pretty excited about it.  Other than that, I’ve been writing some short stories.  Maybe that’s a testament of my lack of focus.  One of the stories, I posted on my site.  Check it out here.  It’s the first in my story a month goal and I posted it late.  Just a few days though, and while I’m being honest, it almost didn’t go up at all.  Hitting that publish button on a story is quite different than hitting it on a regular post.

Can I get you another cup.  No?  Well I’ve got some to-go cups if you’d like to take one on the road with you.  This sure has been fun!  Thanks so much for stopping by and be sure to come back soon.  There’s always a pot just waiting to be brewed, so don’t be a stranger.

A New Site

I’m pretty excited.  Long have I looked from a distance at so many other’s pretty, shiny, WordPress sites and longed for one of my very own.  I rationalized against making the leap from Blogger to WordPress for so long, and then I just couldn’t take it any longer.  I broke down, set up a free site at WordPress.com and fell in love with the interface and customization.

Before I knew it, I was stepping up my account to Premium.  The thing that had held me back for so long, I was putting behind me.  So far, it’s great.

Still, I’m new with WordPress, and there is so much to I have yet to learn.  It seems that things are friendly here though, so I think I’ll be able to get it and do all the things here that I have been dreaming about.

What are those things?

Well, there’s a couple.

  1. Blog more regularly.  A set day to make a post to the blog.  Tuesday seems like the best day for this.  Of course, there may be more.  A random post over coffee or tea would be nice once a week too.  Just a little something to ramble on about the week and how the week’s writing and such are going.  A #coffeeshare, if you will.  I did a #coffeeshare the other day on my old blog while at Starbucks and it was a lot of fun!
  2. Post some short stories.  At least one a month.  It seems as though I’m always writing a short story here and there, even when working on longer works.  Some of those will appear right here.
  3. At the end of every year, it might be a good idea to put all of the short stories from the year into a collection and make them available to the public.  To have something out there would be s0 exciting.

That’s all for now.  I’ve got some writing to do before bed, but I’ll be back.  I hope you will be too .  Thanks for stopping by!