#weekendcoffeeshare 4-10-16


If we were having coffee, tonight I would be drinking this Gevalia Cappuccino that I found the other day at the grocery.  That’s it in the pic above.  Yeah, I know that it’s not a real cappuccino, but that’s okay.  It’s really good and simple too.  Just pour some powder in the bottom of the cup, and let the Keurig do the rest.  Amazing!  You should give one a try, but if that’s not your thing, I’m sure we can hook you up with something.

So we’ve put yet another week of 2016 behind us, and are looking forward to the future ahead.  What’s that future hold?  Let’s see.

  1.  Work should be getting back to normal.  That means that I can start running and training the way I wish I could have over the past month.  The Spartan Super is coming fast, and I need to be ready for it.
  2. I’ll keep writing everyday.  So far, I’m up to somewhere north of 1000 days in a row on The Magic Spreadsheet.  That’s at least 250 words a day for over a thousand days.  I plan to keep that going.

That’s really all that’s on my list.  Oh, one other thing.  I signed this site up for the Amazon Affiliate Links program in order to monetize the site.  I don’t expect much from it, but it’s a great experiment and that’s one of the fun things about blogging.  The fun of experimenting.  So let’s see where it goes.  I promise that I won’t club you over the head with ads, and if things get annoying, they’ll stop.

With that said, I’ll let you go.  We’re going to watch “Fear The Walking Dead” and then head off to sleep.  Hope you guys have a great week!  Thanks for stopping by.  God bless!

#weekendcoffeeshare: 3-6-2016 Heading Home

We have acquired medals. Now we must return home.

What a weekend!  If we were having coffee, we would probably be talking about the Spartan Race that we either ran yesterday or that you were preparing to run today.  It seems as though everyone I saw this morning at the hotel was either wearing a finisher’s t-shirt or some sort of running gear in preparation to go get their’s.

So hotel coffee it is this morning.  They have regular and decaf as well as an assortment of hot teas, if that’s your thing, and juice.  Really not that bad.  I had coffee, raisin bran, then juice, then tea.  I couldn’t help myself.  When there is variety, I sample.

In just a bit we’ll be back on the road and shortly after that, back to the real world.  Oh, the real world.  The one that involves work and all the good and bad that goes with that.  Yes, there is good and bad.  More good than bad even, for without the work, I wouldn’t be able to do these things that I love.  So with that thought in mind, I will report to work, Lord willing, Monday morning and do my job until the next time we get to go adventuring.

One of the good things about heading home though is that I get to get back to training.  This Spartan was better on me than the last, but I still have vast room for improvement.  Work toward improving starts today and continues everyday.  I am my own competition and I will work to improve both on and off the course.

If we were having coffee, then you’ve undoubtedly got a drive ahead of you as well, seeing as you are here in the hotel with me.  So be safe out there on the roads, there are lots of crazy people out there.  Soon, there will be another.

Thank you for checking out my #weekendcoffeeshare.  Hope you all have a great day and productive week!

The 2016 Atlanta Spartan Sprint

On the monkey bars! Atlanta Spartan Sprint

The 2016 Atlanta Spartan Sprint has come and gone.  There were obstacles, both big and small, climbs and carries, and of course lots of that sloppy red Georgia clay.  While it was a lot of fun, it could easily have gone the other way.

I ran this race with my daughter, just like my other Sprint last year.  Having her out there on the course with me is great, but this morning, she wasn’t feeling great.  She could have sat on the sidelines, watched me run and cheered her old dad on, but that’s not my daughter.  In true Spartan fashion, she pushed on, ran the race and got that medal.  Maybe it wasn’t our best effort, but that’s okay.

Spartan Race isn’t all about getting muddy, though that is part of it.  It is all about obstacles, overcoming them, and then taking those lessons out into the real world.  We face obstacles every day in our lives.  Some people panic and run away from these obstacles, but not a Spartan.  A Spartan adjusts and attacks the obstacles ahead of him.

That’s what my daughter did today, before the race ever began.  She wasn’t feeling well, but instead of taking the easy way and sitting out, she used her grit to get through the race.  What a life lesson!  I’m so proud.

You are not going to feel your best all the time, whether at school or work, but what are you going to do?  You can grit your way through your tasks and reap the rewards, or I don’t know, lay in bed all day and skip out on life.

Don’t get me wrong.  There are real reasons to lay up in bed, and only you know your body, so keep safety first.  In the meantime, keep training and pushing ahead.  Maybe we’ll see you out on the course!

Ready to Race?

So here we are, just a few days away from my first Spartan Race of the year and I’m ready.  Maybe.

Spartan Races are tough. That’s no secret.  It’s also fairly common knowledge that to do well, some training is necessary. If you want to do really well, you can easily make the case for lots and lots of training.

While I have been training, I will admit that I’m not feeling as ready as I had hoped I would at this point. Don’t get me wrong.  I’m looking forward to the race for sure, but looking back, I know that I missed some opportunities to more ready.  It’s go time though, so ready or not, here we come!

The thing about Spartan is that you can’t just train normal.  It’s not a normal race, so your normal training doesn’t quite cut it.  A Spartan Race isn’t clean.  You’ll get dirty and your limits will be tested, mentally and physically.  That’s the point. 

There is running, but there’s more to it than that.  Running is the base though.  You’ve got to have that, so I’ve been doing it along with lots of push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and burpees.  Gotta have your burpee game on point for a Spartan.  Hopefully we’ll hold up.

We?  That’s right.  This race will be run with my daughter, just like the first Spartan Race I did last year.  It was a great time running with her and I expect no less this time.

This weekend should be a blast.  I’m looking forward to putting my training to the test and spending time with my family.  Let’s get at it!  AROO!!!

#weekendcoffeeshare 11-22-15

tmp_7519-IMG_20151115_134109145868971337If we were having coffee, you would undoubtedly notice how tired I am today. I would then pour you a nice, steaming hot mug and tell you to drink fast.  You see, I’ve had a head start, and if your caffeine meter is going to catch up with mine, well, you’ve got a long way to go.

Once you’ve settled in we can talk. I can tell you a bit about my new passion, Spartan Racing or more broad, obstacle course racing (ocr).

Yeah, I know, like I need something new to focus on. I have a hard enough time focusing on what I already do, but that’s always been an issue for me. I want to do all the stuff. I want adventure or a near approximation of it anyway since this is my one go around and all that.

Oh wow, you did drink that fast. How do you do that without burning your mouth…  Yes, yes, I know that I told you to drink fast but sheesh. Okay, here’s another.

So back to the race. Over the past week, I’ve had so many thoughts on it, but waiting and reflecting a while before writing them down was I think a good idea. See, what I now believe was the coolest things about the race, besides the water, was all the people. People of all fitness levels, out there together working their way through a tough course to get to that finish line and in the process improving their health and self confidence all the way through.

That’s right. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to enter and finish a Spartan Race. If you want to go out and win on the other hand, well that’s another matter. The thing is though, it’s fun and the amount of pressure you have is all about how well you really want to do.

So at the end of the day, we took a while, trounced through the mud, climbed ropes and walls, threw spears and finished the course together, my daughter and I. It was great and I cannot wait to do it again.

Thanks for stopping by.  Hey, maybe we can do a Spartan Race together sometime.  If not, that’s cool.  I’m pretty sure it’s not for everyone, but believe it or not, it is loads of fun.

See you next time!

#weekendcoffeeshare Spartan Edition

If we were having coffee, it would be instant.  Nothing fancy tonight as we are out in the woods, in the camper tonight patiently awaiting tomorrow.  That’s okay though, because as far as instant goes, I make a pretty mean cup, so have a seat and I’ll get you some.

Today’s been good.  We rode bikes all over this place.  It was the first real time I’ve had on my new bike and it felt good, even if the red clay dirt here is still mostly mud from all the rains we’ve been having.  It’s been raining for what seems like forever around here.  Oh, I’m sure that before you know it, everyone will be all drought this and that, but lately, it’s been all about the rain.

So why are we camping?  Well besides the obvious answer of getting to ride, there is a Spartan Race tomorrow that we are running in.  There was one today too, but it was a long one.  The one they call the Beast, and for good reason as it clocks in at 12 to 14 miles plus obstacles.  The one that we are running is a mere 3 to 5 miles plus obstacles.  That one is the Sprint and right now, it’s more my speed.  No way I could handle a Beast right now!

So this Spartan Sprint is our very first Spartan Race.  As a matter of fact, it is our very first race of this type ever.  Niether me or my daughter have run any kind of mud run, obstacle course race, or any such thing before.  I have a couple of 5k’s  under my belt from a former life and my daughter has just finished cross country season at school, but this is totally new.  I can’t wait.

Speaking of Spartans, I had no idea how many of them there were lurking out there.  This place was packed today, and when I asked about attendance, I was told 10,000.  Now I don’t know if that was runners or if that number included spectators as well, but wow.  Seriously, I was shocked.  Reading about it just doesn’t do it justice, but seeing is believing.

You wouldn’t believe how fast this weekend has gotten here either.  When I signed my daughter and I up for this race, is was months ago.  We had plenty of time to train, or so we thought.  Well, I’m here to tell you that I’m not ready for it.  No way, no how, but that’s okay.  Tomorrow is more like a test race anyway.  We’re going to see what this Spartan thing is all about, and the best part is, we’ll do it together.  The fact that I haven’t trained the way I wanted, will tell on me on the course tomorrow, but that should drive me to be better in the future races.  Assuming this isn’t the start and the end of my Spartan career all packed together in one race.

However it goes, tomorrow I will join the ranks of the Spartans!  Truly, I cant wait!

Thanks for reading my #weekendcoffeeshare.  Sorry about the quality of the coffee, maybe we can do better next week.  Stop by anytime, but it’s time for me to catch some sleep.  There’s a race tomorrow and I want to be fresh, so good night y’all.  See you in a few!

#weekendcoffee share 10-17-2015

If we were having coffee, I’d probably be yawning and telling you how much I need it tonight.  Why not go ahead and grab a cup.  Oh, we have cookies too, so if you’ve brought your sweet tooth over, help yourself.

It was a long week of work, and I was soooo happy to see Friday roll around.  We thought about a movie, but there just wasn’t much playing that we either, hadn’t already seen or had a real interest in.  If we had made it to the movies, we would have seen Crimson Peak, but we ended up going out to eat, getting some groceries and coming home.  That’s fine, some movies are destined for Netflix, and it looks like Crimson Peak is heading for that queue.

The groceries were turned magically into spaghetti while I was away today, and it was delicious.  So much so that I ate too much, as usual.  If your hungry, I can heat you up some.  Really, it’s good.

Earlier this week, my daughter and I signed up to run a Spartan Race.  It’s always been something that I’ve wanted to do, but never really pursued it.  After seeing some coverage of the races on NBC Sports Network, I knew that I had to give it a shot, so we signed up.

Since signing up for the race, I’ve started doing some training.  That’s a must as running isn’t something that I’ve done a lot of for some time now.  To be honest, I could do without the running and just do the obstacles, but that’s not an option in a Spartan Race.  You have to run, and as it turns out, you have to burpee.  If you don’t know burpees, look them up.  It’s probably the most hated exercise on the planet.  You owe it to yourself to do some, really.

Oh yeah, you’ll need some energy for those burpees.  Go ahead and pour another cup.  I think I’ll have another as well.

Tomorrow starts a brand new week.  I plan on getting some good training for the Spartan Race in.  Aroo!  Also, I’ve got to get to writing that book that I’ve recently finished outlining.  Hopefully it will turn out well, but even if it doesn’t, it’s experience in the bank.  The more we write, the better we are.

I would like to thank Part Time Monster for starting the #weekendcoffeeshare and Tara Paray for exposing me too it.  It’s great fun, and something that I’ve come to look forward to every week.  Thanks for stopping by.  Hope to see you around again soon.  Y’all have a great week!