#ShortTuesday – Rosarian

Ronald woke as he had done for years, before the roosters, walked the short distance to the basin and washed the sleep from his eyes with the cold water there.  Fully awake, he shrugged his hunched frame into the long robes of his station, made his way through the dark, back to the bed to kiss his still sleeping wife goodbye before quietly exiting through the front door.

The cobblestone streets were dark, the torches lining the roads burned low or not at all providing more shadow than light, but it was a short walk to the gardens, and one that he did not need light to make.  The path was burned into his mind so that his navigation did not require conscious thought, and his feet did not fail him.  Just minutes after leaving home, the service entrance of the castle gardens came into view.

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Short Tuesday -Craquelure

Little Jim was uncomfortable as he drove the teeny rental car to his childhood home. The fact that he had specified a full size SUV when reserving the car the week prior did not seem to faze the small freckle faced, red-haired girl behind the counter.

“We don’t have any SUVs sir. There must have been a mistake on the booking site. It really is a nice car though,” she informed him cheerfully from behind the counter.

Little Jim grumbled some not nice things under his breath that the girl either didn’t hear or pretended not to.

“Here are the keys,” she prompted with a smile. “If you need anything else, just let me know.”

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