#WeekendCoffeeShare – Florence is Gone, Here Comes the Water

cappuccino on table

If we were having coffee, I’d thank everyone who wished us all well last week as Florence was blowing in.  We missed the worst of it, only losing power for a night and most of the next day, but our neighbors to the north didn’t make out as well.

There is a fresh pot in the kitchen.  I can grab you a cup of that, or if you’d rather, there is hot tea.  I can micro some water for that!  That’s really about all we have other than water.  The fridge is kinda bear still from the no power purge last week, but we’ll get restocked fully eventually.

The past week was pretty crazy.  I ended up going to work Saturday night after the power cam back to start a long, long week.  With the hurricane bearing down, they made the decision to shut work down.  Safety first right?  Well, what ensued was a lot of long hours getting things back right so that we could run again.  The weeknights were spent working, and the days spent sleeping.  That was my whole week really, up ’til Friday at eleven o’clock.  Things were back to normal, and I came home for the weekend.  Whew!

Funny thing was that when I got home Friday, I wasn’t tired at all.  After staying up all night every night all week, left me with energy to burn, and so I was up to about 6 am, writing, guitaring, and just messing around.  I slept 5 or 6 hours and then slept well Saturday night.

As you can imagine, not a lot of anything went on until Friday night.  That’s when I posted this week’s #FridayFictioneers, started outlining what I hope to turn into a novel, and stuff.  I wanted to edit another episode of the Warriors serial as there’s a couple written (written during the hurricane), but that hasn’t happened yet.  Hopefully early this week that will be edited and up!

I say hopefully because we’ve got a lot of water on the way.  Flooding is expected for much of the area, and has already started in some places.  Home won’t flood, but work may and if that happens all bets are off.

The flooding is the emergency this week.  Hopefully, it won’t be as bad as they think.  If it is, it’s going to be really bad.  Nothing to do but wait and see though.  Wish us luck!

You guys have a great week!  I’ll try to be back next week so that we can have coffee again.

#WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up that serves as something of a mind-dump for the week.  If there are typos and what-not found here, I apologize, but mind-dump.  I don’t do a lot of editing here as I like that it is more a stream of consciousness type post, normally written while drinking coffee, listening to music, and reflecting on the week gone by.

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Rain on the Roof

Sheets of rain,
Across the roof.
Hoping that,
It's waterproof.

For being wet,
I don't mind.
But in the proper,
Place and time.

Not in bed,
Middle of night.
Drips of head,
Waking fright.

For all things,
A season.
For that though,
No reason.

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#BadPoetryThursday – The Storm

Peering out the window,
It’ll be here soon.
Building in the distance,
Rollin’ in, ’round noon.

There’s a bit of lightening,
Followed by the rain.
Spattering all it’s coolness,
across my window pane.

Just as it came,
Away it blows.
Another summer day,
It comes, then it goes.

All the little thunders,
We’ll take them, frame by frame.
Maybe they’ll save us,
From the big, bad hurricane.

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