#WeekendCoffeeShare – Big Weekend Plans

cappuccino on table

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that there’s just something about writing in a coffee house!  It’s not something that I get to do often as there’s none really close to where I live, so I take advantage when I can.

This evening, we’re at Starbucks, so go ahead and place your order, my treat!  I’m trying one of the Starbucks Reserve Coffees fresh from that Clover machine and listening to a bit of Miranda Lambert, but not loud enough to drown out the coffee shop sounds.  So settle in, enjoy the smells and the light bustle that fills the shop, and relax a bit.   Continue reading “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Big Weekend Plans”

#WeekendCoffeeShare 5-7-2017

coffee share picIf we were having coffee, I’d tell ya to drag up a chair and kick back for a bit.  Another week has passed us by and we’ve got a new one to welcome in.  What better way to do it than with a nice hot cup of coffee?  Or tea, or water, or what have you.  I don’t discriminate.

Last week, thankfully, was a bit better than the one before it.  I logged more miles, and was considerably less busy allowing me some much needed time to relax and enjoy the long evenings.  One day, I even cooked a nice spaghetti for the wife and I.  It was great, and a great stress reliever.

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