#WeekendCoffeeShare – Almost Normal


If we were having, I would be drinking Stok (Pronounced stoke as it’s written with a line over the o) cold brew with milk.  It’s good stuff.  I get the black unsweetened variety and add stuff or not.  Either way, good stuff!  Help yourself to a cup, and doctor it up if you like.

Hopefully you all had a great week!  Mine was pretty good as we inched back toward normalcy.  We still have a little way to go, as there are many in the area that have been affected by flooding.  Not us, but there is some rough places not far from us and some roads still effected by water.  All the roads should be clear by mid-week and we will be that much closer to normal. Continue reading “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Almost Normal”

#weekendcoffee share 10-17-2015

If we were having coffee, I’d probably be yawning and telling you how much I need it tonight.  Why not go ahead and grab a cup.  Oh, we have cookies too, so if you’ve brought your sweet tooth over, help yourself.

It was a long week of work, and I was soooo happy to see Friday roll around.  We thought about a movie, but there just wasn’t much playing that we either, hadn’t already seen or had a real interest in.  If we had made it to the movies, we would have seen Crimson Peak, but we ended up going out to eat, getting some groceries and coming home.  That’s fine, some movies are destined for Netflix, and it looks like Crimson Peak is heading for that queue.

The groceries were turned magically into spaghetti while I was away today, and it was delicious.  So much so that I ate too much, as usual.  If your hungry, I can heat you up some.  Really, it’s good.

Earlier this week, my daughter and I signed up to run a Spartan Race.  It’s always been something that I’ve wanted to do, but never really pursued it.  After seeing some coverage of the races on NBC Sports Network, I knew that I had to give it a shot, so we signed up.

Since signing up for the race, I’ve started doing some training.  That’s a must as running isn’t something that I’ve done a lot of for some time now.  To be honest, I could do without the running and just do the obstacles, but that’s not an option in a Spartan Race.  You have to run, and as it turns out, you have to burpee.  If you don’t know burpees, look them up.  It’s probably the most hated exercise on the planet.  You owe it to yourself to do some, really.

Oh yeah, you’ll need some energy for those burpees.  Go ahead and pour another cup.  I think I’ll have another as well.

Tomorrow starts a brand new week.  I plan on getting some good training for the Spartan Race in.  Aroo!  Also, I’ve got to get to writing that book that I’ve recently finished outlining.  Hopefully it will turn out well, but even if it doesn’t, it’s experience in the bank.  The more we write, the better we are.

I would like to thank Part Time Monster for starting the #weekendcoffeeshare and Tara Paray for exposing me too it.  It’s great fun, and something that I’ve come to look forward to every week.  Thanks for stopping by.  Hope to see you around again soon.  Y’all have a great week!