My Patreon

Perhaps you’ve noticed my site’s title, Coffee Beans & Writer Dreams, and wondered what exactly that means.  Well, the Writer Dreams part is real enough.  It is a worthy dream, and why not dream, right?  The Coffee Beans part is the fuel of those dreams, if you will.

About those dreams.  Eventually, I would like to publish a few things.  A collection of short stories, some novellas, and even a novel eventually.  On top of that, I would like to start a podcast, where I could narrate those stories and talk about some of the growing pains of a writing career.

To help move those dreams forward, I’ve set up a Patreon site.  If you are familiar with Patreon, you know that you can browse through and support creators of all stripes there.  If you’re not familiar with it, you should totally go check it out!

Maybe you’ll find some creators there that you would like to support.  Perhaps one of them will even be me!

If not, no big.  I appreciate you looking all the same as all support of the dream is appreciated, monetarily and otherwise.

So check it out if you get a minute.  Look around a bit, and let me know what you think.