Master the Greens Just like Tiger Woods: A Comprehensive Guide to Excel At Putting Course


Step into the shoes of Tiger Woods, one of the world’s greatest golfers, and uncover the techniques that make him a maestro at the putting course. Here, we delve deep into the art of putting and how you can use the tactics Tiger Woods employs to get your golf ball rolling and into the hole.

Section 1: The Science Of Putting

Putting might appear straightforward to onlookers, but those who have held the putter know the nuances that go into this art. Let’s decode them.

Understanding The Green

First and foremost, it’s crucial to study the green. Observe its layout, appreciate the contours, and consider how they can influence the ball’s trajectory. The success lies in how well you read the green, from its speed to its slope, much like Tiger Woods does every time he steps onto the putting course.

Perfecting The Grip

Within the confines of the rules, there’s no one ‘correct’ way to grip a putter, but refining your grip can change your game significantly. Tiger Woods has often been seen using the ‘Reverse-Overlap Grip’ which is universally preferred for its stability and control. Versatility is key here.

The Stance And The Posture

Your stance and posture play a vital role in determining the putter’s movement. Tiger Woods adopts an athletic posture with balanced body weight. The key is to get comfortable and relaxed before the stroke.

Section 2: Strategies That Make Tiger Woods A Champion

No conversation about putting can be complete without discussing the strategies Tiger Woods uses. His expertise lies in his understanding of the game and the course.

Visualize Success

Tiger Woods is known for visualizing his shots before making a stroke. He factors in how the ball will journey across the slope and towards the hole before he readies his swing. He imagines the trajectory the ball will follow, visualizing success before it unfolds.

Adopt The Right Tempo

Getting the right tempo is crucial, especially in putting. Woods prefers a smooth and steady tempo. No sudden jerks, no rush, but a seamless motion that rolls the ball with precision is what you should aim for.

Gauge Distance With Precision

The knack to gauge the distance accurately separates an amateur from a professional. Tiger Woods has mastered this art, knowing how hard to hit to sink the putt. Understanding the distance is as important as understanding the green.

Section 3: Practice Regime To Emulate Tiger Woods

Paying heed to a rigorous practice regime is the underlying secret to Tiger Woods’ success at the putting course. Here’s a look at how he tunes his game.

Regular Putting Drills

Repetition is the mother of skill. Woods indulges in regular putting drills to polish his skills. From different lengths to different angles, the key is to keep practicing until you perfect your shots.

Maintaining Mental Discipline

It may be the physical skills that capture the eye, but it’s the mental game that shines through at crucial moments. Tiger Woods is known for his incredible mental strength. He understands that maintaining a calm and composed temperament is as vital as nailing the technique.

Studying The Course

Before any tournament, Tiger Woods spends a great deal of time studying the course. Understanding your playground, knowing its quirks, and figuring out how to navigate its tricky spots is paramount.


Tiger Woods stands as a shining example of skill, practice, and precision, all of which are crucial on the putting course. Learning from his approach can elevate your game to new heights. If you thought golf was only about swinging the club and hitting the ball, think again. The true magic lies in mastering the art of putting, and who better to learn from than master himself – Tiger Woods.

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