#ShortTuesday – Floriferous

The King’s garden was grand in both size and beauty.  The fact that they were brought indoors was nothing short of amazing. The feat itself could only be dwarfed by the beauty on display.

Princess Zara knelt near the casket that held her father, trying unsuccessfully to hold back the tears that streamed down her pale face to splatter the marble below.

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#ShortTuesday – Jammy

“Would you look at that,” Ailsa exclaimed wheeling her car wide and sweeping into the front most space at the market.  Her long dark auburn pony tail bobbed at the sudden stop of the car and she flung the door open, triumphant smile on her slender face.

The market wasn’t big, but it was busy.  Men and women carrying bags and baskets full of groceries on the way out passing others on the way in.

“No doubt, that’s a jammy spot right there.”  Libby popped her door open and swung her long pale legs out.  The girls walked the short way through the lot beneath gray skies into the market.

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#ShortTuesday – Kerfuffle

Johnny sat in a bare gray cubicle, hunched over a dull black keyboard, fingers whipping the keys filling in one form after another.  It was a bore, but it was a bore that he was good at.  Most of the time.  But most of the time, the office was quiet.  He could think in the quiet.  The office was not quiet today.

He cursed under his breath at yet another mistake, backspaced to fix the error, and moved on to the next blank where an i appeared in the space that should have had an o.   Continue reading “#ShortTuesday – Kerfuffle”