#FridayFictioneers – Voices


Stacy looked out back and started.  Marv crouched there in underpants, chisel in hand, carefully working the huge chunk of wood, making… something?

“Marv?  Marv, what are you carving?” Stacy called from the now open rear door. “Come in Marv, you’ll catch cold.”

Marv kept working, ignoring the cold as he ignored his wife.  He had no answer.  The voices hadn’t said what it was.

“Get in here before the neighbors see!”

“Finish!” the voices screamed.  “Finish!”

Marv worked frantically, obeying the voices.  Stacy’s cries blew away like wind, drowned by the voices.  Only the voices mattered.

“Finish, finish, finish.”

WC:  100

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#FridayFictioneers – A Good Catch

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

“Why would anyone live anywhere else?” Fred smiled, yellow teeth showing through a graying beard.

“Not rightfully sure bout that ma’self.”  Sissy smiled back her own yellow toothed smile, lifting a stringer of silver blue fish.  “Purty good catch today.”

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#ShortTuesday – Divigate

Lost in the Woods

A lock of auburn hair fell across Annie’s pale, round face as she blew into the small clump of damp, dead grass she held in her hands trying to coax the spark into flame.  It sputtered, let loose a thin wisp of smoke and then, nothing.

Annie muttered quietly beneath her breath the words she could not say aloud around her younger siblings, but realizing they were not there she stopped muttering, threw the latest failed attempt of fire-making to the ground, and began yelling.  She cursed the trees surrounding her, the leaves littering the forest floor, the forest itself for trapping her, and most of all the sky for holding the sun back while releasing day after day of rain.

It was an effort to calm herself, but it was necessary.  She had no energy to waste on tantrums.  She had little to no energy at all after eating nothing but acorns the past 3 days.  Folding herself into what was left of her poncho, she leaned against a large gray trunk and hung her head to cry.

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#WeekendCoffeeShare – Tampa

IMG_20160408_194710083If we were having coffee, we’d be in the Starbucks, so instead of me offering you what I have, you could just pick from the cornucopia available to us tonight.  Go ahead and pick something.  Don’t worry, I’ll pick up the tab.  As luck would have it, I put a fresh $20 on the Starbucks card just the other day.

Settled in?  Okay then, let’s talk a bit.

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#ShortTuesday – Aegis

This short is a continuation of a previous #ShortTuesday.  If you would like to read it, click here.  If not, I think this short stands on its own.  Either way, thanks for stopping by!

Rannal made his way down the busy Canal Street, stumbling left and right as he went.  He would stumble into one person or another as they hurried to get home before the sun fell below the horizon, endure the cursing that followed, and carry on.  Canal Street was a main corridor of the city and notorious for thieves, especially after dark, and no one wanted to waste time on a drunk like him.  They just wanted to get home before dark, before the thieves appeared.

Good thieves did not need the cover of dark to rob a person though.  A good thief just needed to make contact with the person they were robbing.  A stinking cloak covered in grime accompanied by the smell of wine on the breath didn’t hurt either.

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#ShortTuesday – Cantankerous

Malia punched her mattress and cursed.

“Please Miss, calm down,” her maid Talees said.  Talees stood by the thick wooden door, ready to bolt from the room if Malia took to another fit.

The girl was far too aggressive and angry for a princess. Talees had learned over the years to always have an escape route at the ready when Malia was upset.

“Can you believe what that old, cantankerous fool said to me!  That he will never train a girl.  That it’s not proper for a woman to touch a blade.  Women can’t handle a sword.  Really!?”  She stomped around her room, from one wall to another and back again.  “I’ll show him!  I will become a Blademaster. The first woman Blademaster.”

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#ShortTuesday – Slumberous

“Won’t you come in for a drink?”  Linnel pursed pouty lips and batted long dark lashes at Rin as they stood beneath a flickering street lamp just outside her home.

Rin looked away from her, choosing to gaze down the dark street rather than into those dark, seductive eyes.  “I should go.  I probably shouldn’t have come in the first place.”  

She placed a light hand on his chest to turn him back and felt the muscle beneath.  “Surely one drink wouldn’t hurt.  For old time sake?”

The question hung in the air between them as he considered the proposition. 

Consideration turned to rationalization in short order and they made their way inside.

“Make yourself comfortable.  I’ll be back with the drinks.”  Linnel disappeared into the kitchen.

What was Rin doing back in this house.  He knew better than this.  This was not a situation he needed to be in, and yet, here he was.

“No need to get comfortable.  I won’t be here that long.  One drink and I’m out,” he replied, hoping to convince himself of the statement more than her. 

“Oh, I know,” came the melodic response from the kitchen.

She pulled two glasses from the cupboard, placed three cubes of ice in each and filled them with just the right amount of Jack and Coke.  She left just enough room in his to add the most slumberous potion she had ever brewed to his drink and made her way out of the kitchen. 

“Your favorite,” Linnel purred, joining Rin where he stood looking decidedly less than comfortable by the couch.

He accepted the drink with a grunt that sounded of “thanks” and took a step back.  One drink and he would be out, and he would make sure this didn’t happen again.  He had agreed to a drink though, so he turned it up.  A drink was hard to resist after the day he had had anyway. 

Linnel smiled as Rin began to sway, reached out her hand and plucked the glass from his hand as his body melted to the floor.  

Linnel fiegned surprise.  “Oh.  That’s what you meant by one drink and your out.”  

Short Tuesday is a little something I try to do… on Tuesdays!  Sorry, couldn’t help it.  Anyway, I take a word, a word like slumberous and try my best to write a short story or scene with it.  The words typically come from Dictionary.com’s word of the day e-mails that show up in my inbox every morning around 8:12am, but aren’t limited to them.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Short!  Feel free to come back anytime.