Bad Poetry Thursday – Inside

Look inside,
What do I see?
No place to hide,
Just me.

Look at me.
I am hidden.
You can't see,
The parts forbidden.

What is real,
and what is not.
How to feel,
about these thoughts.

Can't you see through it all?
Can't you help, lest I fall?

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Bad Poetry Thursday – Not Fair

It's not fair,
There I said it.
Proclaimed it loudly.

It's not fair,
Though I want it,
Want it so badly.

It's not fair,
but that's just it,
the world we live in.

It's not fair,
What you gone do?
Never give in.

I’m a bad poet.  That’s why I have Bad Poetry Thursday.  If I were a good poet, then perhaps this would be Good Poetry Thursday.  Being a bad poet isn’t enough to stop me though, for the only way to improve is keep on practicing.

And besides, poetry, even bad, is a good way to express yourself.  So here I go!  Maybe one day it will get better, or even good…

Good poetry?  Maybe one day my friends, but don’t hold your breath.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hopefully you found something in this bad poem to like.

Bad Poetry Thursday – Black Water

Photo by maggieau124 at
Black water.  Still.
The world shimmers,
At the will of the wind.

Bad Poetry Thursday – Stars

City lights from above.




Stars above,
Stars below.

Scattered about,
All in rows.

Magnificence of God,
Best laid plans of man.

Both beautiful,
Pieces of the plan.

Below and above,
Surrounded by light.

Riding the big bird,
On a clear, cold night.