#BadPoetryThursday – Not Good Enough

The Roses are Red,
So why are you Blue?
Is nothing good enough,
For the almighty You?

Try as I may,
Try as I might,
Nothing's Good enough,
In your most Perfect Sight.

I'll surely never be,
The perfect that You are.
So Go On with you life,
Leave my heart a Scar.

Reaching for Unreachable Heights,
Perhaps one day, I will take Flight.

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#BadPoetryThursday – A Break From the Busy

Busy week,
No time to run.
Need a break,
And a little fun.

Maybe the weekend,
It's drawing near.
What if it's swamped?
That's a real fear.

The out of doors,
They call my name.
The air in here,
Just ain't the same.

In a sea of busy I could drown,
If some of these things don't slow down.

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