#WeekendCoffeeShare – 6/11/17

coffee share picIf we were having coffee, I’d offer you a candy to go along with it.  Tonight I allowed myself to splurge a bit and buy some Wint-O-Green Lifesavers, which is something I should not have done.  They are so good, but oh so bad at the same time.  Won’t you be bad with me and help me get rid of these things before I rot the teeth slam outta my mouth?

Okay, maybe they’re not that bad, but I seem to have a problem with them.  The problem being that it’s hard for me to quit them.  Most days I can walk past with hardly a look back, but they got me tonight.  Cleverly placed there in the aisle where I could see them, darn you Kroger, and your sneaky product placement!

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Bad Poetry Thursday – Would it Hurt

What would it hurt,
To give a smile?
To play in the dirt,
Or run a mile?

Get outside,
And live this life.
Set them aside,
The struggles and strife.

Run & jump & play,
Laugh & love,
Enjoy every day,
Before flying away above.

Get outside & give a smile,
Get a bit dirty & stay awhile.

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#weekendcoffeeshare – Still at Work

If we were having coffee, we would surely be talking about the past couple weeks and all the work that’s been going on around here. And maybe even my absence from the blog. Sorry bout that, but it was expected. 

It feels good to check in now though, even if it is a lame attempt, typed out on my phone between tasks.  Which is the reason you won’t see me on the link-up (hosted so graciously by Nerd in the Brain)this week or the link to it at the bottom of this post. 

So, my week?  Not much to tell unfortunately. Work, eat, sleep, repeat. That’s really it. I know, it’s kinda depressing. 

 Anyway, that’s enough about me and my not so exciting work life. How have you been?  I hope all has gone well for everyone this week. Perhaps you’ve been up to your eyeballs busy too, but I hope not. That’s no fun after all. 

I guess I’ll let you go then, and as always, please do take the cup with you. That way you can swing on by next week and we’ll filler’up again. Til then…

Bad Poetry Thursday – Quiet


Peaceful bliss.
Time to recover.
An introvert's wish.

It is a need.
Not a want,
The time for which we plead.

Emerge, we will.
From our cocoons,
From the still.

Ready, the world to face.
Join once more,
The dreaded rat race.

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Bad Poetry Thursday – Inside

Look inside,
What do I see?
No place to hide,
Just me.

Look at me.
I am hidden.
You can't see,
The parts forbidden.

What is real,
and what is not.
How to feel,
about these thoughts.

Can't you see through it all?
Can't you help, lest I fall?

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Bad Poetry Thursday – Not Fair

It's not fair,
There I said it.
Proclaimed it loudly.

It's not fair,
Though I want it,
Want it so badly.

It's not fair,
but that's just it,
the world we live in.

It's not fair,
What you gone do?
Never give in.

I’m a bad poet.  That’s why I have Bad Poetry Thursday.  If I were a good poet, then perhaps this would be Good Poetry Thursday.  Being a bad poet isn’t enough to stop me though, for the only way to improve is keep on practicing.

And besides, poetry, even bad, is a good way to express yourself.  So here I go!  Maybe one day it will get better, or even good…

Good poetry?  Maybe one day my friends, but don’t hold your breath.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hopefully you found something in this bad poem to like.

Short Tuesday -Craquelure

Little Jim was uncomfortable as he drove the teeny rental car to his childhood home. The fact that he had specified a full size SUV when reserving the car the week prior did not seem to faze the small freckle faced, red-haired girl behind the counter.

“We don’t have any SUVs sir. There must have been a mistake on the booking site. It really is a nice car though,” she informed him cheerfully from behind the counter.

Little Jim grumbled some not nice things under his breath that the girl either didn’t hear or pretended not to.

“Here are the keys,” she prompted with a smile. “If you need anything else, just let me know.”

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