7 Fascinating Aspects of Today’s Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club


The Tour Championship is the highlight of today’s golf events. Yet, have you ever wondered about its remarkable location? This article provides a detailed exploration of today’s Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club, its profound history, and the reasons for its selection as the venue for this illustrious event.

The Setting of Today’s Tour Championship

Today, the Tour Championship is being held at Atlanta’s East Lake Golf Club. Since 2005, this revered golf club has been the official venue for the championship. More than just a golf course, the East Lake Golf Club serves as a historical symbol and a cherished site for golf aficionados.

Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club

Decoding East Lake Golf Club’s History

Founded in 1904, East Lake Golf Club is Atlanta’s oldest golf course. It is renowned as the training ground for Bobby Jones, a legendary figure in golf history. The club has witnessed numerous transformations over the years and currently stands as a beacon of golf’s enduring appeal.

Excellence Embodied at East Lake Golf Club

Designed by the famous golf architect Donald Ross, East Lake Golf Club features an impressive 18-hole course. Its pristine fairways and challenging greens offer a formidable test for the world’s top golfers who compete in the Tour Championship.

Atlanta, Georgia’s bustling capital, offers southern hospitality and a diverse cultural tapestry. The city’s array of attractions includes top-notch restaurants, museums, picturesque parks, and historic sites. Its pleasant climate and scenic landscapes make it an ideal choice for outdoor events like the Tour Championship.

The Importance of Today’s Tour Championship

The significance of today’s Tour Championship lies in its role as the finale of the FedEx Cup playoffs. The top 30 players in the FedEx Cup rankings compete at East Lake, vying not only for the Tour Championship title but also for the prestigious FedEx Cup and a substantial prize money.

Why East Lake Golf Club?

East Lake Golf Club transcends its identity as just a golf course; it epitomizes golf’s rich legacy and timeless charm. Its historical significance and challenging layout make it a fitting stage for the exciting conclusion of the golf season, the Tour Championship.

The Tour Championship’s Influence on Atlanta

The Tour Championship significantly contributes to Atlanta’s economy and community. It brings a large influx of visitors to the city annually and generates considerable revenue. Furthermore, the tournament’s proceeds assist the East Lake Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to revitalizing the East Lake neighborhood and empowering its residents.

Final Thoughts

The Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, happening today, transcends the confines of a traditional golf tournament. It celebrates the sport’s legacy, tradition, and influence. The venue encapsulates not just the physical elements of golf – fairways, greens, hazards – but also its essence and character. It’s a perfect setting for the end of a golf season, offering thrilling competition, outstanding golf, and memorable moments.

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