#WeekendCoffeeShare – 2020/05/02

If we were having coffee, we would be sipping on a nice brew of Charleston Coffee Company beans that I ground earlier today, there would music playing low (Miranda Lambert singing Famous in a Small Town at the moment), and we would be sitting in my messy little writing space.

For real though, this place is messier than it needs to be. I’m giving serious thought to throwing a lot of stuff out. It is amazing how good I am at accumulating junk that I never seem to use after it’s here. I mean, I’ve still got CDs. Who needs CDs nowadays?

On the writing front, I’ve done more this week than I have in a week’s time in who knows how long. It feels good to feel productive. As a matter of fact, I’ve written a bit everyday this week. One night I remapped a story that I thought was behind me, changed it to a first person experiment and the next night began writing it. Wednesday, was my Friday Fictioneers post, a hundred words of a not too happy story that leaves the reader to interpret how things may go after the story’s end. There’s a couple of real possibilities there. It was a fun one to write.

On a not so bright of a note, my training kind of sucked this week. I felt a bit puny until Thursday so I had no miles to speak of until that afternoon when I got in a pretty good 4.5 miles. I skipped today’s normal long run and went easy with a bicycle ride. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past several years is that I am fully capable of hurting myself when trying to do the right thing, so I exercise caution. Sometimes.

My wife and I finished watching Orphan Black earlier this week. It was a pretty great show. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s on Amazon Prime and features Tatiana Maslany (I think) playing a number of roles. The show is based on cloning so… Anyway, it struck me throughout the show how different each of the clones seemed, even though they were the same woman. Different hair, clothes, and some personality and bang! A different person.

Our area is about to re-open some restaurants for outside only dining. Is it the right decision? I guess we’ll see. I for one could go out for some wings, but I’ll probably have to wait a bit. I imagine all the places that have outdoor seating will be packed.

There are some places requiring face coverings to go in and shop. Not sure that’s going to work in restaurants. Pick the mask up, take a bite, chew with the mask in place. Repeat as necessary.

As I understand it, the tables have to spaced out, so hopefully it will work out and we can all go get our wing fix.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back to training in the next week. I really missed my running miles this week. By the same token, I hope to keep the productive writing streak going.

As for reading, I’ve begun Stephen King’s “Salem’s Lot” and am continuing to listen to “The Fell Sword” by Miles Cameron on Audible. If you want a series that will inspire you to take notes, this may be what you’re looking for. There’s a lot going on in Cameron’s Red Knight series.

If we were having coffee, you would most likely think I’ve blabbered for long enough. How has your week been? Are you coping with the new Coronavirus world okay?

Here’s to hoping you’re safe and well, wherever you may be out there. Thanks for stopping by for coffee. See you next week!

#WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up hosted now by Eclectic Alli that serves as something of a mind-dump for the week. If there are typos and what-not found here, I apologize, but mind-dump. I don’t do a lot of editing here as I like that it is more a stream of consciousness type post, normally written while drinking coffee, listening to music, and reflecting on the week gone by.

4 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – 2020/05/02

  1. Thank you for that delicious coffee! Years ago I had a hand driven coffee grinder, the scent of grinding your own coffee really adds to the experience, don’t you think? We had some restaurants that had to close down last weekend, for not following the rules when it comes to outdoor seating. This was in Stockholm, where the virus is at its worst in Sweden. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank you for the coffee!

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  2. I also have been wondering about having our having a meal in a restaurant and coping with the social distancing guidelines. Expect that we will continue with curbside pick-up meals for the indefinite future. In this between seasons time period, I am getting restless. We have rain, now, and expect more throughout the week. We are expecting nighttime temperatures around freezing, but I did go out to the wildflower garden bed and scatter what was left from last summer’s seeds. Hoping some will take and some will have reseeded.

    Oddly, I am finding that I am not caring to read a lot during this extended lull. I have been pretty much self-isolating for health reasons since 2012 or thereabouts, and I keep thinking I should be used to this, but I do miss the quick trips to the bank and grocery and the occasional restaurant dining. The rain will eventually stop, and I will be able to take my camera outside and perhaps on a drive in the country.

    I don’t care for the ground coffee, but I do like to make my own cold-brew concentrate using a medium blend of pre-ground coffee beans. Like to dilute and heat it with whole milk instead of water. A nice chocolate-like taste to it.

    Best wishes to you concerning the exercise regimen! [My exercise bike is in the backyard gazebo, and I myself cannot face walking through the rain and cold to get to it. 😦 ]

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