#FridayFictioneers – Retirement

Copyright –Douglas M. MacIlroy

So this is retirement, Frank thought., his tools scattered before him.

He had dreamed of retirement for years and all the things that he would no longer have to do once that time came.  Banish early mornings and the workday for starters.  Retirement meant relaxing, or so he thought.  But here he was, up since the crack of dawn, working on this… thing.  And when this is done, there’ll be another thing waiting.

Who knew honey-do lists grew at the speed of light?

“I’ll never catch up,” he grumbled.  “I’ll have to go back to work to rest from retirement.”

#FridayFictioneers is a weekly blog link up hosted by Rochelle over at RochelleWisoff.com. You should totally check it out and perhaps try your hand at writing a 100 word story.

Good luck!

26 thoughts on “#FridayFictioneers – Retirement

    1. True, true! And believe it or not, busy is good for a retiree from what I’ve observed. It seems that those who have nothing to do whither away so much faster than someone who stays busy.

      Glad you liked the story!

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  1. I don’t think he will ever tick off everything on that honey-do list but he can make sure that in between jobs he does something he loves. That’s my advice for retirement. Do what you always dreamed of doing but couldn’t because you had to earn a living.

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