#FridayFictioneers – Needed

PHOTO PROMPT © Yvette Prior

“Hallelujah,” Bob exclaimed as the elevator door opened.  He unslung his pack as he stepped into the lobby, computer booting before reaching the table.

It had been a long night driving.  Traffic was horrible.  The kids were wound tight, but were down now with his wife, fast asleep.

He should sleep too, but the story came to him driving, and wouldn’t wait.  Bloodshot eyes locked onto the coffee table.  Just what he needed.

Cold black syrup filled the cup.  The first sip went down with a grimace.  The second was better, not good but needed.

Time to get to work.

#FridayFictioneers is a weekly blog link up hosted by Rochelle over at RochelleWisoff.com. You should totally check it out and perhaps try your hand at writing a 100 word story.

Good luck!

27 thoughts on “#FridayFictioneers – Needed

  1. LOVED this line:
    Cold black syrup filled the cup.

    the sound of it and also it is kind of what I imagine coming out of those urns at that time.
    and when a story is ripe, one must obey and let it flow

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  2. Ohh, that sounds all too familiar to me. Many a sleepless night spent writing…usually by candlelight at the coffee table (D*, I need to find me another coffee table!) with quill and paper at hand. Yes, literally a quill and ink bottle! 🙂 ❤ Love your take on reality!

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      1. Exactly! 🙂 ❤ There's just something about the scritch upon the paper. I do a lot of first drafts on the powwow circuit or at reenactments in the evenings. My pens/pencils have a bad habit of going on their own adventures so I switched to quill and ink decades ago. Guess the habit stuck.

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        1. Quill and ink shows some serious dedication! I used to line with them back when I was drawing on the regular, but was never very good. I still have the set, perhaps I should pull it out. Hmmm.

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