#FridayFictioneers – Trick or Treat


It was a glorious night.  Timmy had more candy than he could eat in weeks and he didn’t have to go all over the neighborhood to get it.  The little kiddies did that.  He had just had to wait.

More were on the way.  He heard them coming.  Wiping chocolate on his pants, he readied for his next take, but there were too many of them.

This isn’t the plan he thought as they stuffed him in the cage and took their candy back.  “I’ll get you next year,” he screamed as they laughed and ran away into the night.

WC:  100

#FridayFictioneers is a weekly blog link up hosted by Rochelle over at RochelleWisoff.com. You should check out her sight and perhaps try your hand at writing a 100 word story.

Good luck!

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