#WeekendCoffeeShare – Missed Last Week

If we were having coffee, I would apologize for missing last week. I think I’ll just sip some instant coffee (it’s not bad) today while we talk. I can get you a cup. It only takes a couple of minutes for the water to boil in the microwave after all. The same goes for tea if you would prefer that.

Okay, all settled, last week. It was my plan to write last week’s #weekendcoffeeshare Monday evening after work. That plan fell through the crack of life and work however. I reported to work at 7 am Monday morning, with thoughts of an 8 hour day and writing that night, only to work 36 hours, not getting home until Tuesday afternoon.

Oh, how I slept Tuesday night. Over 11 hours!

Other than that though, the week was pretty normal. We saw Jurasic World Friday night and it was good if not what I would call great. Yesterday we went on the river and then I rode the bicycle while my daughter ran. I would have rather run, but thought better of the distance that she was doing with my still healing leg.

I did manage to get some miles run this week though. About eight of them actually and it seems that I’ll be able to do some longer runs this week (fingers crossed).

So, how has your week gone? Hopefully good! I’m going to try to do a bit more writing this week as I’ve slacked off a bit lately and there are some new ideas rolling around in my head.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll see you, hopefully, next week!

#WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up that is now hosted by Eclectic Alli. Check out her post for the week and maybe post a share of your own!

2 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Missed Last Week

  1. Hi Russel, it seems like several of us had crazy weeks. I’ve been grounded by a back surgery and am on a doctor ordered medical leave – which I’ve note ever done before. So I’m actually enjoying the down time to read and such.

    Try not to miss the coffee visits for the others. We are a busy group, but I’m really enjoying the snapshots of their lives and challenges.

    I’m envious of your “limited” ability to run 8 some-odd miles. I’ve not been able to do that for many years now (bad knees inherited from my father and general over-weight-ness which is my own fault).

    My job, when I get to return to it, is mission critical customer support for some very large software customers. I’m generally not supposed to mention their names for privacy reasons, but you would recognize many of them if I did. All that to say, I understand how a planned quiet day at work can suddenly become a 36 hour marathon. Been there. Took that long nap afterwards too.

    What a life we lead some times.

    Hope this finds you well, enjoying a few quiet down-minutes.

    I would welcome your virtual visits anytime but you would have to put up with real coffee (no instant here) or tea.

    Warmest regards,

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    1. Thanks Gary! It’s true that life is too busy sometimes, but I am happy to say that for now, things have slowed a bit.

      Hope you are recovering well! See you next week!


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