#WeekendCoffeeShare – Off The Wagon

cappuccino on table

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I fell off the writing wagon, then I would forestall any questions you had until you decided on a beverage to sip while we talked.  Tonight, I’m having cinnamon spiced tea.  It is very good, and I can get a cup for you.  There is of course coffee and water around too.  What would you like?

Now that we’re settled in with drinks and Jimmy Buffett playing for us, “A Pirate Looks at 40” right now, we can talk.

Honestly, I don’t know what happened.  I was cruising along,writing a little of this, a little of that, and logging my words on The Magic Spreadsheet every night.  And then, I don’t know, nothing.  Like really nothing.  Nothing for like weeks.

To be fair to all involved, (you and me) this isn’t the first time that this has happened.  The first time I took out the ole Magic Spreadsheet, I was relentless.  It lasted over three years, writing everyday no matter what.  Holidays, birthdays, long work hours.  It didn’t matter, I got my words in, and near the end of it all, it made me miserable.  I would often find myself in an ill mood, snapping at loved ones as I looked for ways out of whatever was going on so that I could go write.

When the streak ended, I went months without writing, not sure if I would ever find the desire to pick up a pen or keyboard again.  Eventually, the urge returned, and I started this blog way back in 2015.  I told myself then that I would write, but I wouldn’t force it.  And so I did.  I wrote of all sorts of things.

Then a few months ago, I forced it again.  (You probably think that I should’ve learned from the past.)  I think, though this is a theory, that the same thing happened as before.  It just happened a lot faster.  I only lasted around 50 days this time.  Luckily I was back to writing within a couple weeks this time.  I did a short 100 word story for #FridayFictioneers earlier this week.

All things considered, falling off the wagon could be a blessing.  All of us that endeavor to create, have to find what works for us.  That magic mixture of sanity and madness, work and play.  If you’re that creator type, I hope you find your mixture.  I’m still looking for mine.

I suppose that I have to come to grips with the facts that I have other obligations (work, family, etc.) that will sometimes take priority over writing.  That’s life.  Demanding time and manipulating things in an effort to do what I want all the time is selfish and unreasonable.

Oh wow, I’ve rambled for some time, so let me just say one more thing.  Do not take what I’m saying here and apply it to yourself.  Find your magic mixture.  If writing everyday is there for you, go for it.  It’s just not there for me right now.  I obviously don’t have all the answers, but I’m looking for them, while listening to Jimmy sing “The Weather is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful.”

Thanks for stopping by.  It was great talking.  Feel free to pop in anytime!

#WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up that is now hosted by Eclectic Alli. Check out her post for the week and maybe post a share of your own!

4 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Off The Wagon

  1. It happens. At least you did the Friday fiction, and this post, so you didn’t completed fall off. When I stop writing for a while, it’s usually due to some big change in my life, that I don’t really know how to relate to. When I get back into writing again, I often find my priorities slightly change, and my writing gets a new spark. I hope you find your spark!

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  2. Hi Russel,
    I almost missed your coffee share because I posted very early and forgot to circle back. Writing has always been a hobbies for me and I’ve never let it take a stronger role, but did notice that once I selected a project, it was much easier to sit down and let inspiration flow.

    You can review my collection at: https://garyawilsonstories.wordpress.com/ but what has been most helpful is my limiting each essay to 2000 words or less. I think (but cant really prove) that this has also increased readership.

    Anyway – I enjoyed your thoughts on your situation. We’ve all been there. Just remember to drive your writing yourself and not allowing synthetic spreadsheet goals to drive you.
    All the best.

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