#WeekendCoffeeShare – Oil Change

If we were having coffee, I’d say “fancy seeing you here!” You see, I’m not in my normal spot, tucked in behind a desk in the spare bedroom. Nope, today I’m hanging out at the Jeep dealer, waiting for the oil to get changed. Oh, the joys of adulting.

It’s good to see you though. I stopped at the Starbucks on the way here and grabbed a large (they say venti) blonde flat white, with skim milk, extra hot. It’s quite tasty. I see you have brought your own, and seeing as I’m in no position to offer you anything, that’s probably a good thing.

The past week was a semi-productive one. Work, was as always, work, but I did manage to get some good editing done on a story that I (mostly) wrote some months ago. I plan to submit it somewhere, and then, after it is soundly rejected, post it right here for the world to see. For better or worse.

Besides that, I wrote a #FridayFictioneers post last Thursday. At just 100 words, they are fun to write, and fun to read when others do. If you want to read mine, you can find it here.

I still haven’t got back into a true writing groove, but I am at least writing/editing several times a week. It’s a start.

On a complete separate, but very fun note, my daughter and I journeyed a couple hours Saturday to check out a Climbing Gym. It was awesome. We climbed until we tore our hands up too much to climb which equated to about two hours.

So with torn up hands we found some grub, ate it, and went to run a couple miles of trail before heading home. It was a full day, and we slept well that night.

That’s about it for me. How about you? Have you been writing or adventuring any lately?

Tell me all about it down below in the comments or write a coffee share of your own. Either way, thanks for stopping by. See you next week!

#WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up that is now hosted by Eclectic Alli. Check out her post for the week and maybe post a share of your own!

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