#FridayFictioneers – Got Gas?


“…Should have stopped in the city,” Mandy huffed. “Didn’t I tell you.”

“No worries,” Stanley replied. “There’s a place… I think.”

“That place?”

“Besides, this thing is great on gas. We’ve got miles in the tank.” Tapping the gas gauge, it fell past E.

“Ughhh.” Mandy slumped in her seat. “Look around here! I’m not getting out here.”

“You don’t have too. Here we are.”

The car sputtered out and rolled to a stop at the station.

Stanley rolled the window down. “Filler up,” he called to the man outside the station.

“Ain’t got gas.”

“So, how bout a walk?”

WC: 100

#FridayFictioneers is a weekly blog link up hosted by Rochelle over at RochelleWisoff.com. You should check out her sight and perhaps try your hand at writing a 100 word story.

Good luck!

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