#WeekendCoffeeShare – A Bit Late

cappuccino on tableIf we were having coffee, I would welcome you to this late #WeekendCoffeeShare post and tell you how grateful I am that Alli leaves the link open past what we would normally consider the weekend.  (Whew, I got 56 minutes to post!  Aghh!)

I hope that you are all doing well out there.  Yes, I’m a bit late this week, but that’s okay.  Life is busy, and would we really want it any other way.  It seems sometimes, listening to others (and talking ourselves) that that is exactly what we want, but I doubt it really is.  Sure, some time to relax and maybe write would often be nice, but if I wasn’t so busy, then wouldn’t that mean that my life was somehow lacking?

Lacking family.  Or work that supports the before mentioned family.  Or friends and hobbies and everything else that make this “busy” life worth living.

Yes, I’m busy, but I’m not complaining about it.  Rather, I’m happy about it.  Just as long as I can find the introverting time that is required on a weekly basis, I’ll be okay.

With all that said, did you have a productive week. Mine was kind of productive.  I did not manage to write as much as I would have liked, (I feel like a broken record) but I did manage a couple of stories and a poem.

Both of the stories were for the #FridayFictioneers writing challenge.  The first, “Web of Lies” was published on Sunday, and the second, “The Ride” was a bit more timely coming out Saturday.  If you are not familiar with #FridayFictioneers, it is a challenge to take a writing prompt and form a 100 word story from it.  It really is a fun exercise, and a challenge all in one.

The poem, “Writer/Fighter” was a short little poem about the struggles that we writers often face.  I’m not very good at poetry, but I try.  It is what it is.

I suppose I should let you go.  The window to post this is rapidly approaching, and I don’t want to be any later than I already am.  Besides, I’m a bit tired.

‘Til next week, be good, be safe, and chase some dreams!

#WeekendCoffeeShare is an informal weekly link-up that is now hosted by Eclectic Alli. Check out her post for the week and maybe post a share of your own!

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