Creative Beings – Part 3

Koth stood stiff backed just out of the shade of the command pavilion, performing the most important task there was on a battlefield.  The duty of protecting those who controlled the battle strategy was his.  But he was distracted.  His dark eyes scanned the battlefield that stretched to the horizon before him.  It had been three weeks since he had fought a worthy opponent, that fool smiling hulk, and the fact that it had gone unfinished chewed at his soul.

He scanned the field, hoping to see him again.  He did not.

The day passed long, sun burning hot above, cooking Koth in his armor and illuminating the pathetic force they faced on the field.  The day had never been in question, so he had never left his post.  The competing, if you could call it that, force that took the field against them this day did not deserve the sweat Koth had shed beneath his armor.

The day won, mounted commanders turned south, and began the march to the next battle.  A stout wind buffeted them, tossing sand in their faces and unfurling the long blue banner marked with three white claw marks in the center.  Koth welcomed the wind as it seeped through cracks in shining silver armor, while the commanders cursed their discomfort.

Koth mounted and followed close enough to do his duty.  He would protect them, follow them to the next battle, where maybe he will have his chance.  The chance to face his foe, face to face, once again.

His mind went back three weeks to another day on another blood soaked field, where he match blow for blow with someone who matched his skill.  Why hadn’t he seen him since.  Surely he wasn’t dead.  No one could kill that hulk of a man.

No one but Koth.

This story is part 3 of a series that I have been working on.  If you would like, you can check out the other 2 parts.  Here are the links:

Part 1 & Part 2

Hope you enjoy!  If you have found something here that you like, be sure to pass it on.

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