#DSFWeeklyRewind – Not Running Sucks

img_20171021_130604_6521629058270.jpgFirst things first.  I would like to thank Tara over at DaisySmilyFace.com for hosting the linkup that seems to be taking the place of the MIA #WeekendCoffeeShare.  Also, I would like to wish her well and a speedy recovery as she recovers from her break.  It was my intention to join in last week, but I injured myself (more on that later) and just didn’t feel like doing anything.

With all that said, how are you all doing out there?  Hopefully well.  I’ve been okay, with the exception of having to learn to walk all over again.  It seems that I’ve torn a calf muscle, and so I’m limping all over the place now.  This does not make me happy at all, and I’ll tell you why.

Here’s the story:

A week ago, Saturday, my daughter and I woke to a nice mid-60’s fall morning with naught to do but go out and run the trails at a local park.  And so we did, and it was glorious…  For almost a mile, anyway.

It was the last bit of that first mile, coming out of a trail section onto a dirt road that I heard a pop from somewhere in my lower leg.  Then the pain.  I couldn’t figure what happened right away.  Everything was going so good, and now there was pain shooting through my calf.  Not ideal.

Not knowing what had happened, I looked about for what hit me.  Was it a stick?  A snake?  No, and thank goodness no.  There was nothing.  It turns out that it was just my body betraying me.  After limping stiffly back to the car, we made it home, to the couch and an ice bag.  I spent the next two days there.

Monday morning I called an Orthopedic and made an appointment for Wednesday.  Thankfully, by Tuesday, I was walking good enough that I felt safe in cancelling the appointment.  According to my Google searches and self diagnosis, there wasn’t much they could tell me to do than what I wasn’t already doing anyway.

Each day I got better.  I even began to believe that I would be able to run a bit by the end of next week.  Then I stepped up on that speed bump on my way through the parking lot at work.  I didn’t go down, but I wanted to.  The limp, which was almost gone at that point came back with a vengeance.  No running for me. : ((

So this week has been spent walking slowly around, trying to strengthen and heal a calf muscle that doesn’t seem in a hurry to heal.  Looks like the next week will be more of the same.

So I’m taking this next week off.  No working out, if I can help it.  This forced rest is not something that I am happy about, but perhaps I need it.  I’ve got some nagging pains that seem to not want to go away, (other than the calf) and it’s not in my nature to just stop and give them a chance to heal.  Perhaps this forced break is what I need.

While lying about, I plan to write a bunch and try not to overeat.  I am very happy that it’s not worse, and look forward to getting back out there.  The trick is going to be not getting back out there too soon.

Everyone have a great week!

Join in the #DSFWeeklyRewind fun by writing something up and posting your link here.  And make sure you get over to DaisySmileyFace.com and check out our host!

7 thoughts on “#DSFWeeklyRewind – Not Running Sucks

  1. Thanks, Curt, for joining I’m #DSFWeeklyRewind!

    I’m sorry you’re injured. No fun! Hope it heals quickly. I’m still getting used to my broken bone. Getting hard cast Monday.

    I think someone else is finally doing the weekend coffee thing again. I started my linkup last week because i missed the community but also because I wanted to try to make something weekly but also creative and fun (see guidelines at https://daisysmileyface.com).

    Speaking of that, one of the things I ask people to include is what they’re grateful for this week. What are you grateful for this week, Curt? 😀

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