Time Wasted?

Sun hot,
Day bright.
Something's not,
Quite right.

Sitting here,
drinking beer.
Time wasted,
Never fear.

For time,
Not wasted.
Might mean beer,
Never tasted.

Perhaps not time best used,
But the need of a mind abused.

I’m not advocating anything here.  I’m just saying that life can be serious and over stressful at times, and that you may need to relax a bit.  Unwind, however you do that.

Anywho,  hope you like my silly little poem.  This is the first chance I’ve had to write in a while, and that pains me.  Thankfully this isn’t the entirety of the day’s writing as there is a Scrivener document open at this very moment. Yay!!

I should be getting back to that.  So…if this silly little thing has brought a smile to you, won’t you pass it on!

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