#WeekendCoffeeShare – Looking Forward

cappuccino on tableIf we were having coffee, we’d be drinking instant.  Hey, it’s that or water.  Nothing against water, but this is the #WeekendCoffeeShare, so…  So I’ll get a cup of that mentioned water in the microwave, and we can get to talking.

We had a good race in Fayetteville Spartan Super this morning.  It was my best time in a Super so far, finishing the 8.3 mile course which held 27 obstacles in 1:49:44.  Of course I would have liked to have been faster, but what racer wouldn’t.  All in all, it was a good run for me.

The surprising thing is that the Spartan Race season is coming to an end with only one more on our schedule for this year.  Oh, and we’ve got that half marathon thing, but that’s another matter.  I’m not surprised that the season is ending, (we did plan all this) but the speed that the year has gone by is just crazy.

And so, we start to look forward to next year.  It feels a little weird sitting here, looking at 2018 races, but we’ve got to plan.  If we don’t plan it out, we’ll never make it.  So were looking forward to the upcoming half marathon, our last Spartan of the year, and yes, to next year.

Well, I should probably look up a few more races.  I’ll talk with you guys next week.  ‘Til then…

2 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Looking Forward

  1. Happy for you, your getting a faster time at the final stretch of your season! Nice to end on a high note. I felt that way about my garden, too, coming to the end of the season…the butterflies and wildflowers and all, my main photography subjects. My main preoccupation aside from writing.

    Hope your planning goes well. Vital to success.

    Best wishes for your week!

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