#WeekendCoffeeShare – Where does the Time Go?

cappuccino on tableIf we were having coffee, I’d say how sorry I am that I’ve been so absent for so long.  Then, I would offer you up some of this nice, strong 8 O’Clock coffee that I’m drinking.  Coffee not your thing?  I’m sure that we can rustle something up.

There, isn’t that nice?  Now that we’re all settled, let’s talk a bit.

Honestly, I’m not sure where the time goes.  Only that it keeps on slippin’ away.  I, like you, try as hard as possible to make the most of every minute, but so often when looking back on a week, I find myself disappointed.  I see the things that I wanted to, intended to, meant to do, that for whatever reason, just did not get done, and it frustrates the daylights out of me.

Does that ever happen to you?

Some weeks are worse than others of course.  Most weeks end with regrets of not running enough miles, not writing enough words, or not posting enough on the blog.  They seem like small things, and they are.  And I will admit that, but small things add up over time and after week after week of neglect, the small things begin to feel like big ones.

So what to do?

The only thing we can do really.  Try.  Try to do the things that are important to us.  Try to keep that focus and make the most of our the time we are given.  That’s it.  That’s all we can do.

So, this week I plan to write a bit more.  I want to use the #amwriting hashtag on my very neglected Twitter, and mean it.  I’ll get the running in when I can.  Eight miles earlier today was a good start to that.  I’ll fit everything else in while keeping those two things in mind and see how it goes.

You’ve got to go?  I guess it has been a while.  Well, I won’t hold you, but won’t you wish me luck for the week, I may need it.

Thanks for reading my #weekendcoffeeshare and listening to my babble. I’ll try to be back next week so that we can do it again. Until then…

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9 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare – Where does the Time Go?

  1. Sometimes I feel like I’m hanging on to time for dear life, it is slipping away so fast. The last week in August I had coworkers bummed out and saying that summer was over. I yelled at them–stop rushing it along! It’s not over yet. Time doesn’t need our help with moving it any faster!

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  2. I’ve started limiting goals lists and just know what matters to me most and try to focus on that. That way, if I’m not able to check it off a list, I don’t feel bad. Some days, you just can’t do what you want to do. But some days you can. 🙂

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    1. I think you’re right Tara. You can’t always get done what u want, but my problem often is spiraling so deep down the rabbit hole that I’m looking back at several weeks of missed opportunities. Then, depressed.

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      1. I’ve been there. Since I’m not there anymore, maybe that’s a sign that it’s a phase we writer types have to go through, and you’ll see the other side. 🙂 Hang in there! Do what calls to you the most.

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  3. I’ve been reading The 12 Week Year. Once I finish the reading, I’m going back to put the exercises to use in my own life – because I’ve got a wide-angle brain that loves dancing between things…and I also have a spouse with a new business and some minor health concerns, a newly permitted learning driver, and The Rest of Life….

    It can be easy to stretch ourselves out too thin. I’ve been feeling it for a while, and I think this is going to work for me.

    I hope you find something (things) that work(s) for you!

    And thanks for the 8 O’Clock Coffee – it brought back a lot of happy memories. When I was a kid, it was the only kind you could grind at the local grocery.

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