#WeekendCoffeeShare – Been a While

Well, I suppose that it has been a while. Bit all the same, if we were having coffee, I’d tell you to drag up a chair, maybe order up a coffee or tea or whatever kind of concoction you would like since we would be hanging out in the Barnes & Noble Cafe. The fine folks here can hook you right up!

All good? Great, shall we chat?

It is true that I’ve been absent from the blog for a bit now. As with other absenses in the past, I make no excuses other than to say that “I’ve been busy doing other stuff.”

That statement in itself makes me sad, and a bit happy all at the same time. Don’t look at me like that. Okay, I’ll explain.

It makes me sad because I enjoy the time I spend writing, blog posts, poetry, and stories of varying lengths. It is time to think, reflect, and recharge my introvert batteries.

Also, I’ve said so many times in my life, “that if you want to do something, you’ll make time for it,” and I still believe that is true. That statement makes me wonder just how bad I want to write, since I’ve made little to no time for it lately. So, sad.

On the other hand, I’ve been plenty happy as of late. I’ve been traveling a good bit, running a lot, and racing more than I ever have before. My daughter and I are closing in on our first Trifecta (Spartan Race reference) of the year and that’s pretty awesome.

My daughter and I run and train together a lot and that leaves me worn out most nights. As a result, I find myself sleeping instead of writing most nights. Other nights I plop onto the couch and watch the idiot box with the family. I know that that is not the best use of my time, but oh well. I’m tired and even though we’re just watching tv, we’re in the same room, hanging out together, and that’s cool.

I suppose that after talking it all through, that I’m still not sure how to make everything that I want to do fit into the mere 24 hours that we are all besssed with each day.

Perhaps the path I walk now is the right one. Live life to the fullest everyday, and if some things get lost along the way, that is the price we pay.

But perhaps a new path will reveal itself and I’ll be able to walk along it into endless happiness.

More likely than either of those though, there lies a path in beween. One that feeds the fit freak racer as well as the creative introverted mind. That would be nice. Now if I could just find that path, I’ll start walking.

Thanks for reading my #weekendcoffeeshare and listening to my babble. I’ll try to be back next week so that we can do it again. Until then…

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