#BadPoetryThursday – Against the Wind

Against the Wind

The winds of Time?
They forever blow.
And so…
We run against the Wind.

Not my normal #BadPoetryThursday, but perhaps just as bad.  This is a small bit of free verse that came to me the other day while I was out on a bike ride, and it, unlike most thoughts I have while out running or biking, stuck with me.

I liked the way it sounded, but it was more than that.  To me, it was a bit philosophical.  You see, I just had a birthday.  Birthdays can be tough.  A yearly reminder of our mortality and eventual demise.  (Downer alert!  Sorry)  So there I am, burning birthday cake as it was, and thinking away.

I’m past my prime.  There are years and years gone by that are never coming back, and we as a society often seem to chase after them.  They’re gone though, blown away by the winds of time.

My thought that day on the bike was that since there is less than nothing we can do about those days gone by, all we have left is to run headlong into that ceaseless wind.

May you run fast and free my friends!


I’m a bad poet.  That’s why I have Bad Poetry Thursday.  If I were a good poet, then perhaps this would be Good Poetry Thursday or maybe just Poetry Thursday.  Who knows?  Being a bad poet isn’t reason enough to stop though.  The only way to improve is keep on keeping on, right?

And besides, poetry, even bad, is a good way to express yourself, so give it a shot sometime!

So here I go!  Maybe one day it will get better, or even good…  Just don’t hold your breath.  Thanks for stopping by!  Hopefully you found something in this bad poem to like.

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