#WeekendCoffeeShare – Tampa

IMG_20160408_194710083If we were having coffee, we’d be in the Starbucks, so instead of me offering you what I have, you could just pick from the cornucopia available to us tonight.  Go ahead and pick something.  Don’t worry, I’ll pick up the tab.  As luck would have it, I put a fresh $20 on the Starbucks card just the other day.

Settled in?  Okay then, let’s talk a bit.

In keeping with what seems to be a theme lately, this week has been another busy one, ripe with missed opportunities.  You would be right to say that I could have posted during the week, either Tuesday or Thursday or both, but it didn’t happen.  I’ve got a better excuse for Tuesday (On the road all day long) than Thursday (nothing really), but that’s really beside the point.

On the plus side, I did manage to write a bit of poetry yesterday, sitting right here in this Starbucks, hiding from the thunderstorm that interrupted my run.  It was a lot like tonight, except that you weren’t here.  Anyway, I was tired when I finally managed to get back to the room, so I just showered and went to sleep.  It wasn’t good poetry anyway, but then I guess that would have made it fit in fairly well with everything else on #BadPoetryThursday.

Look at all that water.  And sand.  The Gulf of Mexico was cool.  Next time, I’m going to splash around a bit!

Don’t get me wrong though.  This week wasn’t all bad.  I did get to see the Gulf of Mexico.  It was my first trip to the Gulf, and although all we did was stand on the beach for a couple minutes while waiting for a seat at Crabby Bill’s, it was cool. If you ever find yourself down around Tampa, check ’em out!  The place don’t look like much, but it’s good eats.

Scallops with veggies and hush puppies from Crabby Bill’s at North Rocks Beach.

I head off home tomorrow, another day spent in the car.  It will be good to be home again, and just in time for the fourth of July week.  I’ll be doing a good chunk of running next week.  We’ve got an 8k on the fourth and then a 10k trail run the following Saturday.  I’m looking forward to them both, but especially the trail run.  It should be a fun week!

I’ll let you go now.  I’ve got to get some sleep anyhow.  It’s going to be an early morning, but that’s good so that I can get on home.  Have a great weekend!

#WeekendCoffeeShare is a weekly blog hop hosted by Nerd in the Brain. Link yours while your perusing around the site and join us.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  It does mean so much that you came to visit!  Here’s to hoping you have a great week, and may God Bless You!

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