#ShortTuesday – Aegis

This short is a continuation of a previous #ShortTuesday.  If you would like to read it, click here.  If not, I think this short stands on its own.  Either way, thanks for stopping by!

Rannal made his way down the busy Canal Street, stumbling left and right as he went.  He would stumble into one person or another as they hurried to get home before the sun fell below the horizon, endure the cursing that followed, and carry on.  Canal Street was a main corridor of the city and notorious for thieves, especially after dark, and no one wanted to waste time on a drunk like him.  They just wanted to get home before dark, before the thieves appeared.

Good thieves did not need the cover of dark to rob a person though.  A good thief just needed to make contact with the person they were robbing.  A stinking cloak covered in grime accompanied by the smell of wine on the breath didn’t hurt either.

It was funny watching the people scurry about, faster and faster as the light faded, hurrying to the percieved protection of walls and locked doors.  Rannal smiled inside as he crashed into a man dressed in red.  He looked ridiculous and acted even more so, flailing his arms about to get the drunk off of him.  By the time Rannal was upright again, he was richer by 20 silver pieces and two gold.

It was while watching the ridiculously dressed man stomp away that he noticed her.  She was young, a child really, not more than fourteen, but walking with the confidence of a woman twice her age through the bustling crowd.  There was something familiar to her as well.  Something he could not quite reach, but somehow he felt that he knew her.

Rannal stumbled her way, trying now to avoid the very people he had targeted moments before as to move more quickly and close the gap between them.

Torches were being lit on the street.  Every bar and Inn along the street lit torches in front of their establishment, giving, as best they could, the appearance of safety to entice their customers to stay.  The street remained far from lit and far from safe however, despite the business owners best intentions.

It was hard to see in the dusk dark with flickering torches that seemed to cast more shadow than light, but Rannal thought he could make out the hilt of a sword poking out just above the girl’s shoulder.  That couldn’t be right, could it?

Rannal began to run when the girl turned into Robber’s Alley.  Sure, he may rob her, but there, she would end up dead.

A commotion came from the alley.  He was too late, but maybe he could save her, get her some help, or something if she was not too badly injured.  Back to the wall, he peaked around the corner, scared of what he would see.

Standing in Robber’s Alley amid three bodies strewn in the dirt and cobbles, stood a young woman, sword drawn, staring down two more men who seemed more ready to run than fight.  They, blades in hand, charged the girl and were turned back again and again until one fell beneath her blade allowing the other to escape past the girl and Rannal out into the street.

Rannal stepped into the alley, and took a knee.  “What brings you out, away from the royal aegis, tonight Princess Malia?”

Short Tuesday is a little something I try to do… on Tuesdays!  Sorry, couldn’t help it.  Anyway, I take a word, a word like aegis and try my best to write a short story or scene with it.  The words typically come from Dictionary.com’s word of the day e-mails that show up in my inbox every morning around 8:12am, but aren’t limited to them.

Tonight I did something different.  This story, as I said up top is a continuation of my last #ShortTuesday post.  I do not know if this is a trend or a one off, but I have considered doing a serial.  If you have thoughts on any of that, do let me know in the comments.  Thanks!

I hope you enjoyed reading my Short!  Feel free to come back anytime.

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