Short Tuesday – Runnel

“No, I am not calling you a liar,” Shaun said again, this time with a huff.

“Yes.  Yes you are,” Fred replied matter of factly.

The two were standing out in the forest, not fifty yards from where they had set up camp.  A poor trickle of water ran from beneath the underbrush, past their feet, and back out of sight all in the span of twenty five feet.  Fred clutched a rather large fish to his chest and looked even more confused and hurt than the fish that was bound for a skewer over the campfire.

Frustrated, Shaun threw up his hands.  “Fine.  I believe you.  Can we just go cook the thing?  I’m starving.”  He turned to go back to the camp but stopped when Fred did not follow.

“I don’t believe you.  Just tell me why you don’t believe me.”

Hoping an answer would get his friend moving, he obliged.  “Okay then, just look at the size of that fish.  Now consider the fact that you’re telling me that you pulled it from that runnel over there.”  Shaun pointed from the fish to the pathetic line of water crawling ever so gently over the forest floor.

“That’s right.  It may be hard to believe, but that’s what happened.  Pulled it right out, with my bare hands,” Fred informed his friend.  “I’ve always been a good fisherman.  My dad taught me everything.”

“Well that is some good fortune.  What do you say, we go cook it up.  It’s been days since we’ve had a good meal.”

“You’re right.  We should eat, and then maybe we can figure out how we’re getting out of here.”

They walked their well worn path back to the camp, making little sound besides that of their stomach’s grumbling.  Fred followed with a smile his friend could not see.  His father had taught him well.  Lesson one had been to never tell anyone about your good fishing holes once you find them.  They would eat good tonight, and perhaps for as long as it took them to find their way home, but Shaun would not know his secret.

Short Tuesday is a little something I try to do on Tuesdays!  Sorry, couldn’t help it.  Anyway, I take a word, a word like runnel and write a short story with it.  The words typically come from’s word of the day e-mails that show up in my inbox every morning, but aren’t limited to them.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Short, and feel free to come back anytime.

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