Running Tammany Trace

The trailhead sign in Mandeville, La.

Sometimes it’s tough to make time to exercise when you are on the road.  You’re away from home, off schedule, working a lot, and eating, more often than not, late at night.


There are opportunities to work some fitness in on the road though.  There is of course, the hotel gym.  No one really likes the hotel gym though.  I mean, I’ll use it, but at its best, it is a necessary evil.  With the hotel gym being not the best option, let’s move on.

Often, the locals can help you out.  I took advantage of that today.  When asked where I could run, they directed me to Mandeville, La and the Tammany Trace Trail.

The Tammany Trace Trail is a 31 mile trail that runs along the lakefront of Lake Pontchartrain.  It is open, according to the sign to running, biking, and skating.  The “trail” is paved and has some good views.  I can say this even without having made it to the lakefront, which was the ultimate plan.

Bridge on Tammany Trace

The failing light of day added to the atmosphere though, making what could have been an average day, much better than that.

I ended up running 2 miles out before turning around.  It was getting late, so it didn’t make sense to keep on going.  A couple of detours, one in a graveyard and another not so interesting, put my mileage up to over 4 and a half upon return to the parking area, so I ran on through the night, long enough to gather up just over five miles.  Six would have been better, but at this point I’ll take what I can get.

All in all, Tammany Trace was cool.  I wish that I could have made it down to the water, but I guess something needs to be saved for next time.  Until then…

I’ve attached a few videos from my run today.  They are shaky, and I apologize for that, but I was running and holding the GoPro in my hand, so it’s the best I’ve got.




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