A Good Start

Lately I’ve been lamenting my lack of morning motivation. I even wrote a whole blog post yesterday (that I did not post) about how much of a slacker I had been, and how much respect I have for those who are able to drag themselves out of bed and get a workout done first thing in the morning.

That post, like most everything else I post (fitness related anyway) was targeted straight at me. Calling me out for my lazy morning ways. I know that I can do the morning workout. Once upon a time, when I was a gym member, it happened on the regular, but lately I’ve struggled.

What I wrote yesterday worked though. I thought about it all day, went to bed at a decent hour and woke up ready, if not raring to go. By a few minutes after five, I was stretched and running.

The dark did put a little hitch in my giddy-up, but just in where I was running, not the run itself. I opted to run the pavement over the trails for safety’s sake.  Even with flashlight in hand, no one wants to roll an ankle first thing in the morning. What small bit of off-road I did run was slow and at the end, but still, three miles before the sun came up is something I’m proud of.

Now to keep it up. I feel great about the start, but we all know that fitness is all about that consistency. Hopefully I can stay with it and shake off my lazy ways for good.

May your miles, be they morning, evening, or midday, be Swift and smooth. God Bless!

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