#weekendcoffeeshare: 4-20-2016

If we were having coffee, I’d be having this “Original Donut Shop Coffee,” fresh from the Keurig.  To be honest, it’s not my fave, but it’s okay.  I prefer a darker roast, but if something a bit lighter is your thing, by all means, grab a cup.  There is also green tea if you would prefer that.  Other than that, sorry to say there’s not much else.  Except water.  I like water.  If that’s your thing too, have at it.

Today was my first day off in a while.  Since the sixth of last month, I’ve been at work, so today was great.  To say that I needed it, is an accurate statement for more reason.  The past several days, I’ve not felt the best, so a day to rest was more than welcomed.  Unfortunately, tomorrow is back to work and back on long hours too.  Ugh.

The good news is that I’m feeling a bit better, though not 100 yet.  It is spring and the pollen is in the air, so maybe that is to be expected.  We’ll just see how next week goes.  Hopefully, all the vitamin C that I’ve been taking will carry me through.

That’s really about all that’s happening.  Work and more work.  It’s a good thing I’ve got all of this coffee to get me through it.  A full weekend is coming, hopefully soon.  Until that happens, I’ll continue to work and drink lots of coffee.

So wish me luck.  You guys have a great week!  I’ll see you in a bit.  God bless.

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