A Good Training Day

I have bemoaned the fact of work getting in the way of my training over most of March.  It is well known, the struggles of working more than normal and continuing to train like normal. Some can do it. Maybe I will be able to in the future, but as of now, I cannot.

So it was with some excitement that I greeted this week of normal hours and the prospect of some quality training time. Finally, I could go back to doing what I knew I should have been doing all along. Training.

Yesterday was my best effort in a long time, maybe forever. This is how it went.

1.  Woke early. Did about 15 minutes of yoga/abs before 100 bodyweight squats, 100 push-ups, and 120 calf raises.

2. Work. While there, I walked a good bit, including all the stairs I could fit in. So, all in all, a fairly normal day.

3.  Afternoon run. Seven miles on dirt.

4.  Went to bed exhausted after dinner.


The run was the best part as it proved that maybe I haven’t lost quite as much during the month as I had feared. While my later miles fell off in terms of pace, there was no time that I felt like stopping was the only option. Slow running is still running after all.

The morning yoga was great too. I’m kinda new to the whole yoga thing, but watching some videos has me excited about it. It was a great way to start the day, and I look forward to doing more of that.

Unfortunately, I won’t be running today. Those seven miles put a hurting on me. I’m a bit sore, but it feels so good! 

With this great day behind me, I’m looking forward to the future and all it holds now more than ever.

Happy training out there!  God bless!

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