#weekendcoffeeshare: 3-26-16

Let’s see what Ms. K has in store for us today. Ms. K, is my Keurig machine and the closest thing I’ll probably ever have to a personal barista.  That’s okay though, well make do.

If we were having coffee, you could pick whatever you like out of the little tray sitting beneath Ms. K, or just have her pour a cup of hot water and drop in a tea bag. She’s versatile like that. I picked up a fresh box of green tea with raspberry the other day. It’s a great alternative to coffee when that doesn’t fit the mood, and though rare, it happens.

So where to begin?  I told you last week that work was crazy this month, and it still is, but things are beginning to slow a bit. The light is beginning to show a little twinkle there, way down at the end of the tunnel. Maybe we can get out of this dark hole if work, sleep, work, sleep soon. Every day that passes is a step in that direction.

Next week brings scheduled 8 hour days and the possibility of an off day on the weekend. That’s all good, considering spring break is upon us, so there should be lots to do, un-work related stuff even. Yay!

We’ll make the most of our evenings, I’m sure, but as of now, we have little of plans. That’s okay though. Playing things by ear, sounds like plan enough for me.

One thing that is exciting about going back to eights and therefore allowing a bit more sleep is the possibility of getting back to a somewhat normal training routine. I’ve fallen behind over the last month and need to catch up. I have visions of training sessions in my mind, and long runs, breathing fresh outside air. Oh, the glory of it all!  I can’t wait.

Well, I suppose I should let you go. Thanks for stopping by and chatting. We should do this more often. Matter of fact, let’s just go ahead and set it up for next weekend. See you then!

Til next time, have a great week, and God bless.

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