#WeekendCoffeeShare -Christmas and Star Wars

If we were having coffee, I’m having instant again tonight.  There was a large cup of Starbucks consumed on the way home from the race, but that wasn’t quite enough so instant it is.  I can fix you a cup real quick.  Really, it’s quick.  Almost instant even!  There’s also green tea if you prefer.  Outside of that, it’s pretty much just water here.  Anyway, let’s talk about it.

Christmas vacation has officially started.  Yay!  If all goes well, I won’t think about much less see work until next Monday rolls around.  Today, my daughter and I raced the dirt bikes around and boy am I tired.  That’s okay though.  I’m going to drink some coffee and go to bed late, knowing that I can get that sweet sweet sleep in the morning.

I’m looking so forward to sleeping in tomorrow that it’s worth staying up late just to insure that it will happen.  After sleeping in though, tomorrow gets even more interesting.  That’s right, tomorrow we’re going to check out this Star Wars thing.  From what I understand, the Force took a nap or something, and now it has awoken.  As a long time Star Wars fan, it’s good to know that the Force isn’t gone for good.  I don’t know about you, but I’m still hoping for a real life light saber at some point before I die.  (fingers crossed)

Hope you guys have a great Christmas week.  If you’re off like me, have fun and be careful out in the Christmas craziness out there.  There will be many last minute shoppers zooming about out there to be sure.   We’ll probably be one of them, so look out for us.  Star Wars first though.  May the Force be with you all this week.  Thanks for stopping by.  See you next week, if not before.

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