#weekendcoffeeshare Tennessee Again

If we were having coffee, it wouldn’t be the best.  Sorry, but I’m at the hotel and that’s all the coffee I have.  There’s only two choices, regular and decaf.  I, of course, chose the regular.  Really, what’s the point of decaf?  So, you must choose.  If you decide to forgo the coffee, I understand.  I’ll finish this cup, but that’s it for me.  After this, it’s bottled water all the way.

So yeah, we’re back in Tennessee again this weekend.  Again for a race, but this time we’re not racing in the race that we are attending.  This time, we’re helping to put the race on.  It’s our first time helping with a race and one day in, we still don’t really know what to expect.  To say that today was a slow day at the track would be an understatement.  Most of our day was spent standing around being cold in one place of another.  There just wasn’t much for us to do, and that’s a shame because we were willing to do whatever needed doing.

We did have fun though.  We did a little walking out in the woods.   I took a nice picture for this very blog post and got my feet soaking wet.  The picture was the good part, the feet wet was the bad.

Tennessee woods in November.
I’m still struggling somewhat with this whole WordPress thing.  I had more pictures to put in this post, but I am doing something wrong.  It’s frustrating, so I’ll leave it be for tonight.

My last sip of coffee was almost of the iced variety, so maybe I’ll just be done with that.  Hopefully tomorrow will be drier for us and we’ll have a good trip home and find some good coffee on the way.

Other that the Tennessee trip and WordPress fighting me every step of the way over the pictures that I want to share, things have been mostly normal, if a little busy.  Maybe more than normal.   When I get real busy, I get even worse at the whole social media thing.  I’m not good at it anyway, but when things are like this, I generally just post my words at the end of the night and reply to anything directed at me.  That’s all.

Honestly, my normal social media presence isn’t much more than that anyway.  I can be quite the introvert, even on the internet.  There have been attempts made to come out of my shell, but my shell is so inviting and comfy that it’s hard to find the motivation to leave it.  I do try at times though.

Since we’re talking about my inability to be social, I want to take a minute to thank you for stopping by to read my #weekendcoffeeshare.  It means a lot.  If you’re new, then welcome, and if you’ve read other #weekendcoffeeshare post, welcome back.

I truly do hope you like what you find here.  In addition to the regular blogs, there are stories of the month (only 2 at the moment).  You can check them out if you would like.  Thanks for stopping by.  Next time, I hope we have some better coffee.

9 thoughts on “#weekendcoffeeshare Tennessee Again

  1. Thanks for sharing, Curt 😊 and I understand completely about the gremlins in wordpress. Sometimes I think the answer is staring me in the face but I just can’t see it!

    Being an introvert comes with the tag of being a writer, I think, but I’m glad you’re peeking out of your shell here 😊

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  2. WordPress lets you put a slideshow in your post. Click “Add Media” then “Create Gallery.” Select the photos from your uploaded pics and voila! Try that! Hope it works for you.

    The internet/blogging was created for introverts, yes? 😉

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  3. WordPress has a fairly steep learning curve—I would suggest the forums, though, as they tend to be incredibly helpful about sharing information.

    Those photos of Tennessee look lovely!

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